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Hypnosis and Mind Control on Patreon

A number of erotic hypnotists and mind-control-themed artists have recently turned to Patreon as a way to support our work while making it available as widely as possible for those who are curious, low on funds, or just not yet ready to admit how much they like it. ;)  Patrons pledge to give either a certain amount per month, or a certain amount per work produced (recording, video, photo set); artists pledge to offer special perks, early access to new works, or even special works not available to non-patrons, to those who donate.  It's a surprisingly effective funding model.

Support the smut you want to see in the world. ;)

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1 Alania Velvet
Alania Velvet is a domme who releases hypnotic videos, which mostly seem to be of her quite pretty face blurred in various ways as she talks you down into a submissive trance.
2 Alpha Shepherd
Previously publishing excellent hypnotic recordings under the name Jekket, Alpha Shepherd is revamping his old stuff and preparing to produce new recordings as well.
3 Aona Nae
Aona Nae writes mind-control stories and scripts for hypnotic audio tracks.
4 Bambi Sleep
Really excellent free TTS bimbofication/feminization.
5 Bannable Offense
Bannableoffense is a professional hypnotist and, in her spare time, kinky writer of smutty stories and recorder of hypnotic audio. Expect strong lesbian themes. :)
6 Cantfindadecentalias
CFADA is a long-time producer of "image manips"-- porn images with text and sometimes special effects added to tell a story of sexy mind control. Now CFADA has turned to making 3D images of this sort, and is looking for a little financial support for this venture.
7 CarolJ
Carol J writes very sexy, funny, romantic femdom hypnosis stories. Most of them make their way to mcstories eventually, but they're published to Patreon first, along with a few Patreon-exclusive things as well.
8 Changer
HypnoChanger makes mind-control themed artwork and is working on a mind-control themed game.
9 Chewtoy
My Patreon page! Fund me and support my sexy hypnosis recordings!
10 Circusunder
Circusunder is an enthusiastic hypnofetishist who publishes video, pictures, and other content related to people under hypnosis (including himself).
11 DarkCastle
Hypnotic videos on youtube with a variety of D/s themes.
12 Dark Whispers
Dark Whispers produces maledom hypnotic mp3 recordings on a variety of topics.
13 D'artagnan
D'artagnan is a hypnotist who really likes fear. He records hypnotic audio sessions based around horror and erotic horror (and sometimes playful horror). Fun!
14 Draite
Draite is an artist who is working on a furry-themed adult game called Sexy Mad Science.
15 Ember Hypnosis
Ember produces hypnotic mp3 recordings on a variety of topics, including enslavement.
16 The Empress Joy
Empress Joy is a pro hypno domme who seems to have a significant separate content stream that's either exclusive to Patreon or early-access on Patreon, both stories/hypnotic writings and mp3s.
17 EnScenic
Noelle started writing a fictional story about erotic hypnosis and got LURED IN TO OUR KINKY WORLD. Now she writes more smutty stories and also records things.
18 Entrancement
Lex of EntrancementUK produces sexy videos of hot models being hypnotized and controlled. He would like to use funding from Patreon to release some (more) of his videos for free.
19 eSuccubus
Elena of eSuccubus makes hypnotic plain voice recordings. She's been on a Corruption of Champions kick recently, but she touches on a lot of other themes as well.
20 Femdomination
Citor3 Entertainment Studio seems to be using this Patreon campaign rather like a Kickstarter. They are producing female-dominant Virtual Reality sessions.
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