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Hypnosis and Mind Control on Patreon

A number of erotic hypnotists and mind-control-themed artists have recently turned to Patreon as a way to support our work while making it available as widely as possible for those who are curious, low on funds, or just not yet ready to admit how much they like it. ;)  Patrons pledge to give either a certain amount per month, or a certain amount per work produced (recording, video, photo set); artists pledge to offer special perks, early access to new works, or even special works not available to non-patrons, to those who donate.  It's a surprisingly effective funding model.

Support the smut you want to see in the world. ;)

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21 Fenoxo Fenfen
Fenoxo created the excellent twisted transformation-and-mind-control text adventure Corruption of Champions, and appears to be working on a new game called Trials in Tainted Space.
22 Giggling Goblin
Giggling Goblin writes erotic fantasy stories full of monsters and magic-users that could have stepped out of the pages of an extremely lewd dungeons and dragons game. Sexy mind control of various sorts is a pervasive theme.
23 Goddess Kasha
One of my favorite old-school hypno dommes, Kasha Shakti has started a Patreon page as a new way to support her hypnotic artistic endeavors, which apparently include sending text messages to her followers at a certain pledge level and building a circle of devoted subs.
24 Hypnobeast
A furry-leaning hypnotherapist who's turned to Patreon to produce general-use (furry-themed, possibly kinky) hypnosis recordings.
25 HypnoCircus
RingMistress Ciscelia has been posting hypnotic inductions and stories with a dominant theme on tumblr for a while; this Patreon is meant to fund more of the same, plus a move towards recording audio inductions.
26 HypnoHeroes
Gian Rivier makes muscly malesub comics, apparently both gay and femdom, using 3D modeling software (probably Poser). The $5 monthly pledge level gives access to all current and past issues.
27 Hypno Pics Collective
This Patreon campaign, run by TeraS, supports the excellent fetish-specific image board "The Hypno Pics Collective," which provides a forum for posting mind-control-themed manipulated images of all kinds.
28 Hypnosis Story Time
An interactive story/game based around hypnosis.
29 HypnoticAphrodite
Goddess Christina is a young hypno domme who posts pictures of herself, gifs, and hypnotic audio recordings.
30 Hypnotic Enslaver
Hypnotic Enslaver produces a variety of D/s oriented maledom hypnosis files. He has a sissy series and a femsub series which both seem to be built around some strong gender ideas; he also has some gender-neutral recordings.
31 HypnoticSwitch
HypnoticSwitch is a longtime hypnofetishist and now VR geek who is working on Virtual Reality hypnosis sessions.
32 Jezebel
Genevieve Ash, SMOTP's domme partner, releases erotic hypnosis content supported through Patreon.
33 Jukebox
Jukebox is a ridiculously prolific author of excellent erotic mind-control fiction; he publishes a new story every week, and has recently begun posting extra-short stories to tumblr as well.
34 Kannel
Kannel is an excellent artist who draws stories about cross dressing, feminization, and transformation.
35 Lady Aurora
Lady Aurora is a delicious-voiced hypnodomme who makes wickedly creative GFD (Gentle Femdom)files for all genders. Don't imagine that "gentle" means lacking in mindfuckery. :)
36 Lady LaQuatica
Lady LaQuatica produces hypnotic videos-- a spiral with a voice induction-- on Youtube.
37 Liriel
Liriel makes "photo manipulations": basically comic strips using erotic photos of live models, all with a mind-control theme.
38 Ludella Hahn
Ludella Hahn has made some wonderful sexy mind-control-themed porn videos. Erotic mind control is not her only theme, but she does it well. This Patreon supports her work in general.
39 Lunakiri
Amber Armstrong (Lunakiri) does hypnosis and mind-control related drawings and illustrations.
40 Madam Kistulot
Madam Kistulot writes hot lesbian mind-control fiction.
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