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Hypnosis and Mind Control on Patreon

A number of erotic hypnotists and mind-control-themed artists have recently turned to Patreon as a way to support our work while making it available as widely as possible for those who are curious, low on funds, or just not yet ready to admit how much they like it. ;)  Patrons pledge to give either a certain amount per month, or a certain amount per work produced (recording, video, photo set); artists pledge to offer special perks, early access to new works, or even special works not available to non-patrons, to those who donate.  It's a surprisingly effective funding model.

Support the smut you want to see in the world. ;)

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# Web Link Hits
41 Mind Erasure
Mind Erasure publishes multi-layered hypnotic audio recordings, here and on tumblr under the name neuralnetsandprettypatterns. Heavy bimbo/mindlessness/sexdoll themes.
42 Mind Maiden
Mind Maiden produces hypnotic mp3 recordings, audio stories, and some visual art, all apparently centering around industrial/robot brainwashing themes. There doesn't appear to be any free sample content available.
43 Mind Under Master
MindUnderMaster makes photos, videos, and comics with a maledom mind-control theme.
44 Midori Konton
Midori Konton writes a lot of femsub and bimbo mind control fiction, mostly maledom-- stories and photo captions, and some ebooks.
45 M4MPhone
Master John makes erotic hypnosis mp3s for guys, and also takes phone calls.
46 Mindcollar
Jadyn Stellars of makes sexy hot hypnosis recordings for both men and women.
47 Miss Marie Cherry
Miss Marie produces very sexy femdom hypnosis audio tracks, with a theme of conditioning the listener to hypnotic slavery to her.
48 Miss Noa
A young hypno domme who releases audio and video hypnosis tracks for free.
49 Mistress Magenta
Delicious-voiced femdom D/s hypnosis.
50 Mistress Stella
Mistress Stella has been producing sissy/cocksucking hypnosis audio for a while now; now she has a Patreon.
51 Morgana Pendragon
Morgana Pendragon makes witchy femdom ASMR and hypnosis videos.
52 MsAlder
Aurelia Alder is a new-to-the-scene sadist and dominant who records hypnosis files in a firm but caring style, with close attention to the meaning of words. Her patron rewards include a considerable variety of differing levels of devotion.
53 Neverside Labs
Neverside Labs is home to Dr. Leanna, a painstakingly tweaked and edited speech-synthesis hypnotist, with a number of quite well produced recordings. She's got a focus on the hypnotic, sub-space side of erotic hypnosis, and a unique style.
54 Nicole Dosei
Nicole Dosei, a longtime hypnodomme with a very sexy voice, has a Patreon page now, where backers can get her latest recording each month for a relatively low flat price.
55 Nikki Jenkins
Nikki Jenkins writes illustrated stories about men being turned into women.
56 Nimja
Nimja produces hypnotic audio recordings in his own voice, on a variety of mostly D/s-related themes. He also writes text scripts for an interactive text hypnosis engine.
57 Pan
Pan writes a lot of smutty stories for the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive and elsewhere. Incest is a prominent recurring theme, though not universal.
58 Princess Fae
Princess Fae posts hypnotic videos on youtube, and more on Patreon. Her trances span a variety of sexy fetishes.
59 Professor Pig
Professor Pig records erotic hypnosis files with a slutty, pleasure pig theme; some are available on WarpMyMind.
60 RicktheTist
RicktheTist makes erotic audio hypnosis recordings.
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