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Hypnosis and Mind Control on Patreon

A number of erotic hypnotists and mind-control-themed artists have recently turned to Patreon as a way to support our work while making it available as widely as possible for those who are curious, low on funds, or just not yet ready to admit how much they like it. ;)  Patrons pledge to give either a certain amount per month, or a certain amount per work produced (recording, video, photo set); artists pledge to offer special perks, early access to new works, or even special works not available to non-patrons, to those who donate.  It's a surprisingly effective funding model.

Support the smut you want to see in the world. ;)

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61 RHLover
RHLover makes youtube hypnosis videos, mostly with D/s related themes; both audio inductions in his own voice and videos of women being hypnotized by him.
62 Ryan Orrock
Ryan Orrock produces a variety of different media about hypnosis. If I read his Patreon page right, he would like to become a sexuality guru and would like your help supporting him in this life path.
63 salmacisreptile
Salmacisreptile makes adult art and comics.
64 Shibby Says
Shibby is a sexy, dominant young woman who recently began publishing very erotic hypnosis recordings on reddit, and has just started a Patreon campaign to fund more.
65 Siegfried Volsung
Coming from tumblr, Siegfried Volsung writes hypnosis and mind-control smut short stories.
66 Sins of the Puppet Master
Mandarys Milan is a fun wild hypnotist who has wandered in and out of the erotic hypnosis community in the past. She seems to have a number of different artistic ideas, and also a novel.
67 Sleepless Knights
In truth I'm not sure what this Patreon is supporting. The channel hosts a variety of female-voiced hypnotic HFO recordings, posted as video with still images of pretty women. But I'm not sure who the voice is or what the channel owner's relationship to them is. The videos also appear on youtube.
68 Sleepychat
An anonymous hypnosis chat site, for talking about anything and everything with other hypnofetishists and finding partners for online hypno play. The Patreon campaign supports the site's monthly operation. At the $5 support level, you get a special icon next to your name in the chat window. :)
69 Sleepy Gimp
Sleepy Gimp draws excellent Femdom art of "devious dominant women, with sexy feet, huge breasts and a preference for rendering their prey unconscious and helpless."
70 Sleepymaid
Sleepymaid does some amazing erotic-mind-control-themed comics and illustrations which are classics in the erotic mind-control community.
71 Snowfox Master Cyrus
Cyrus Softfur makes hypnotic recordings and videos with furry and/or D/s themes.
72 The Secret Subject
The Secret Subject is a prolific British lass who has a lot to say about hypnosis, both as a subject and as a hypnotist. She has a Youtube account where she posts frequently; still more content is available through her Patreon.
73 TF Parlor
Oren the Otter makes hypnotic videos with a furry theme.
74 Toymaker
Toymaker produces maledom hypnotic mp3 recordings orbiting around the eponymous theme. He also maintains a Discord channel.
75 Twist Hypnosis
Maledom and tentacle-porn audio hypnosis.
76 HypnoMistress Mia
Apparently formerly a popular hypno domme under a different name, in some sort of collaborative arrangement, Hypno Mistress Mia has returned to bring us her delicious voice under the sole dictates of her own whims and imagination.
77 Trancing Violet
Trancing Violet produces tumblr content related to hypnotic trance and breasts; mostly sexy photos of naked breasts and hypnotic TTS audio tracks about being hypnotized by breasts.
78 TranceMistress
Chelsy Larson posts youtube hypnosis videos as TranceMistress. They span the range from therapeutic hypnosis to slave training. :)
79 UltraHypnosis & Fiona Clearwater
A man and a woman, although each of them separately come up with their own content, producing a variety of often-D/s-themed hypnotic recordings, some of which they post to youtube (others are available only to patrons).
80 Vahn
Vahn draws manga-style illustrations, some of which are hypnosis themed.
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