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Hypnosis and Mind Control on Patreon

A number of erotic hypnotists and mind-control-themed artists have recently turned to Patreon as a way to support our work while making it available as widely as possible for those who are curious, low on funds, or just not yet ready to admit how much they like it. ;)  Patrons pledge to give either a certain amount per month, or a certain amount per work produced (recording, video, photo set); artists pledge to offer special perks, early access to new works, or even special works not available to non-patrons, to those who donate.  It's a surprisingly effective funding model.

Support the smut you want to see in the world. ;)

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81 ViVe
Vincent Vega makes erotic hypnosis recordings with a variety of themes, though he's perhaps best known for his well-regarded "dumbing down" series.
82 Wesley Bracken
Wesley Bracken writes queer mind-control and transformation erotica, on MCstories and the Gay Spiral MC Collection and elsewhere.
83 Wizard Hypnosis
Wizard Hypnosis is a joint venture between two Australian guys making hypnotic recordings on youtube and hypnotic scripts, all with a brainwashing theme.
84 Morgan (ZanyM)
Morgan is a very physical and sensual hypnotist with a wonderful rich voice. She writes erotica and records smut and hypnotic inductions.
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