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Mind Control Fetish Links
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1 Adventures of a Hypnotic Clockwork Doll
the in-character blog of a Second Life hypno doll, apparently played by a gleeful denizen of some other now-defunct online hypnofetish forums.
2 Anna Malice
Anna Malice writes a lavish blog about explorations in sissification self-hypnosis, with tremendous numbers of embedded videos.
3 BDSM Hypnose Seminar
This page is entirely in German, but it appears to be a pretty good site about uses of hypnosis in BDSM-- articles, blogs. I found it from the FetLife profile of a site owner, who says they're "quite active in the small hypnosis scene here in Germany."
4 Bimbo Life
a forum about being or liking bimbos. Turning someone into or being turned into an airheaded sexpot is a common fetish use of hypnosis.
5 Bimbo Story Club
Some apparently nicely-drawn erotic mind-control comics (I haven't read them; just judging by the illustrations on the site.)
6 Bliss Trance
Lady Ru'etha has been a very encouraging fan of my stories for a long time. :) She also writes stories of her own... and is an excellent hypno domme.
7 Brian David Phillips
a hypnotherapist who is pretty vocal and enthusiastic both about teaching hypnosis and making learning resources available to others and about the use of hypnosis in erotic contexts.
8 Callidus
A creator of very detailed mind-control-themed photo manipulations, Callidus writes a blog and hosts some old interviews with other mind-control story authors.
9 Calypso
a hypnodomme with a strong Romanian accent, Calypso offers a number of recordings and some sample videos.
10 CamDiva
CamDiva seems to have started off doing video recordings and moved into erotic hypnosis. She's quite good at it.
11 Castle Blinkenstein
musings and hypnotic writings by Blink, whose free "Basic Induction" and "Good Boy"/"Good Girl" recordings are widely referenced as prime examples of using Ericksonian techniques for erotic purposes.
12 Cathy Venus
a hypnotist who seems heavily into social media; she has produced a handful of excellent hypnotic videos.
13 Cecily DeVille
a dominant woman hypnotist who appears to specialize in personal growth and development through hypnotic submission. She is way sneakier, and kinkier, than that sounds.
14 ChaoticHypno
A male Dom posts his erotic-hypnosis-focused blog of mostly scripts meant to hypnotize the (preferably female) reader, along with a few animated gifs and other like experiments.
15 Charlotte Gray
Formerly Arkadia, Charlotte took a brief break and came back with a new name and new style-- more a domme who does hypnosis than a "hypnodomme". And apparently not so concerned about being nice. ;)
16 Circus Under
Beautiful photos of a naked guy spinning fire, interspersed with hypnotic language.
17 Collared Mistress
A hypno domme writes about her experiences with submission.
18 Constance Rose
a hypnotist and domme who seems to mostly do phone sessions, though she advertises one recording and more in the works. Her site is well-written.
19 Controlled Girls
fetish videos of attractive women in various mind-control scenarios, which all seem to wind up getting them naked. :)
20 Corruption of Champions
A blog by the designer of an interesting mind control/transformation fetish flash game, something like a text adventure. The site has a link to the game itself.
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