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Mind Control Fetish Links
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101 Hypnotic Dreams
a hypnotist who publishes storylike hypnotic recordings-- mostly intended for female listeners, though he has collaborated with a female partner to publish a few aimed at men. Also he just published a book with an erotic-hypnosis-centered plot. Maybe I can be like him when I grow up.
102 The Hypnotician
A blog that includes some excellent hypnotic scripts, as well as a little bit about Alex Greene's experiences hypnotizing subjects for erotic effect, and links to interesting videos and pictures. He seems to be particularly into gas fetish, in addition to hypnosis.
103 Hypnotic Wishes
Mind Mistress seems to largely specialize in feminization. In addition to her hypnotic CD series, her site has a lot of stories, and also a fairly active chat room.
104 Hypnotics World of Superheroines
Superheroines in peril! Fetish porn movies with super heroine characters. With some mind-control themes.
105 Hypnotize Your Lover… Deeper
One of very few books specifically about erotic hypnosis; this is a revised and expanded version of Wendi's older work. A good all-around introduction to all different kinds of bedroom play with hypnosis, this book has a little something for everyone.
106 Inamorata
another excellent hypno domme from the earliest days of the web, now returning from some time away.
107 Inraptured
a social-networking website dedicated to female dominant hypnosis, run by prominent hypno domme Isabella Valentine and her husband Maurice. The site has just moved to the .net domain from .com, but remains largely the same.
108 Isabella's Wonderful Hypnosis
A charming young hypnotist with a couple of youtube videos. The site includes scripts of her youtube videos, as well as of a number of other sessions she's written.
109 Jay Experience
Jay teaches classes on erotic (and BDSM) hypnosis; he also does individual instruction and one-on-one encounters. His website is in German, so I can't say much about it; but I've met him and he's good (if, of course, also evil) people. :)
110 Jenny DeMilo
a professional dominatrix and capable hypnotist who seems to enjoy a lot of fetishes; her style seems to lean towards slightly harsh and lewd with sweet words. This is her erotic hypnosis website.
111 Jukebox's Hypnosis Blog
the single most prolific author on the Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive (and lest that damn with faint praise, also one of the best), Jukebox, writes a blog.
112 Julian D'Angelos
some well-written hypnotic fantasies which are in many cases intended to hypnotize the reader. He also has a few audio files. His site includes an inner section which appears to be intended for a harem of hypnotic subjects he is acquiring or would like to acquire, but he seems fairly low-key about it.
113 Kasha Shakti
a creative and spiritual hypno domme. Also a bit delightfully geeky. :) I still can't get over that she calls her subjects her "Treasures." So charmingly sweet!
114 Kitty Sylvie
Kitty Sylvie is a kinky hypnotist who's just getting into online kinky play for pay-- text hypnosis, recordings, video. Also they have sexy fangs.
115 Krystal Mesmer
another hypnodomme who's been online continuously since way back in the day; Krystal Mesmer for some reason has an alter ego Goddess Marquesa. I gather the focus of the things she does under the two different names is very slightly different; but in both cases she has a distinctive hypno voice that sounds like the perfect stereotype of a dominant woman hypnotist. Her audio and video sessions, and those of the other women she's worked with, concentrate on lust and obedience.
116 Lady Christine
possibly the real person who most closely resembles a common hypnotic fantasy trope, :) Lady Christine is a beautiful, successful stage hypnotist who also hypnotizes men to be submissive to her. She sells hypnotic recordings, some of which are intended to train subjects who would like to become part of her stable of submissives.
117 Lady Lana
an online hypno domme who seems to approach hypnosis from a creative and slightly weird angle.
118 Lady Lita Empire
Lady Lita is a talented long-time hypno domme who favors intense mind control. Rumor has it that some of the other ladies in her Empire may also be Lady Lita at different playback speeds, but I haven't experimented with the audio to find out. There's also a rumor that she largely left the scene to found her own cult. Living the dream!
119 Lady Radiance
a hypno domme with a considerable catalog of audio files aimed at those who just love to lose themselves in deep, obedient trance.
120 Lee Allure
A skillful and sexy hypnotist, Lee offers in-person and Skype sessions as well as hypnotic recordings. Including a couple of recordings we collaborated on together...
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