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Mind Control Fetish Links
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101 Hypnohub
a new booru-style image board for hypnosis-fetish-related pictures.
102 Hypno Master D
a well-regarded lifestyle hypnotic Dom talks about his experiences, including some excellent "how-to" notes. He now has a for-pay site, with a free recording (and again lots of helpful notes), based around his "global suggestion" method.
103 Hypnopics Collective
a site where people post manipulated erotic images with hypnosis and mind-control themes.
104 Hypno Play Erotic Hypnosis
Hypno Play makes a series of erotic hypnotic videos, meant to be enjoyed in privacy. :) A few are available on youtube; the rest are available (free) for download on request after proving your age.
105 Hypno Robo
a forum for advertising erotic hypnosis recordings.
106 Hypnosis Erotica
this site advertises "Mind Dolls", which seem to be hallucinated erotic encounters through hypnotic suggestion.
107 Hypnosis in Media
an obsessive compilation of the appearance of hypnosis in movies, television shows, cartoons, comic books, books, etc.
108 The Hypnosis News
seems to be an aggregator, but mixing both regular hypnosis and erotic. I'm not sure how to link to a general most-recent-page, so this link is to the Twitter account that announces new "issues".
109 Hypnosis for Sex
Now there are starting to be a few books about erotic hypnosis; this one is by hypnodomme Kali Bliss. It's pretty bad-- short, badly written, and filled with ads for the author's more-expensive online products-- but I'm keeping a link to it for completeness' sake.
110 Hypnosis Tube
a free-account video-streaming site that, despite the generic-sounding url, appears to specialize in erotic hypnosis videos.
111 HypnoSubmission
a huge collection of video clips and dvds for sale of gay men being hypnotized and made to perform in various ways.
112 Hypno Superior
A male for-pay hypno dom, for other men. His basic induction file is free, as are the cash slave files-- presumably on the theory that if you listen to them enough, they won't be anymore. :)
113 Hypnotic4play
A group of British folks with nice recording voices sell hypnotic audio files describing a variety of different fetish scenes for $9.99 each.
114 The Hypnotic Beast
a hypnotherapist who seems to specialize in helping furries experience their fantasies, through one-on-one work as well as a variety of free and for-pay prerecorded sessions. The site does not emphasize erotic uses, but it seems related enough that I include it here.
115 Hypnotic Dreams
a hypnotist who publishes storylike hypnotic recordings-- mostly intended for female listeners, though he has collaborated with a female partner to publish a few aimed at men. Also he just published a book with an erotic-hypnosis-centered plot. Maybe I can be like him when I grow up.
116 Hypnotic Wishes
Mind Mistress seems to largely specialize in feminization. In addition to her hypnotic CD series, her site has a lot of stories, and also a fairly active chat room.
a hypnosis social-networking site run by long-time mind-control story author agachuk. The written site description is fairly neutral, but in practice it seems to lean towards male-male online erotic hypnosis.
118 Hypnotize Your Lover
One of very few books specifically about erotic hypnosis; this one comes well-recommended. I haven't read it yet, but Wendi knows her stuff.
119 iHypnotism
another hypnosis social-networking site, apparently focused on online erotic trances.
120 Inamorata
another excellent hypno domme from the earliest days of the web, now returning from some time away.
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