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Mind Control Fetish Links
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121 Legend of the Green Dragon
a hypnosis-based online fantasy roleplaying game site.
122 Listen To Lisa
A NiteFlirt Hypnodomme who offers a pretty wide variety of services from phone to recording to text. One of Lisa's listings is a hypnotic recording that changes periodically.
123 Literotica
another free erotic story website, with a large "mind control" section.
124 London Dungeon Hire: Hypnosis Chest
London Dungeon Hire is a BDSM dungeon space available to rent; I link it here because among their advertised facilities is a "Hypnosis Chest" full of hypnosis-related props (metronome, pocket watch, light-and-sound machine...)
125 Look Into My Eyes
the first published book I know of that was specifically about using hypnosis in the bedroom, Peter Masters's book is a good basic introduction to hypnosis. It won't teach you how to make your partner your love-slave, though. ;)
126 Love
a long-time member of the hypnofetish community who has made a lot of very pretty photo manipulations, Mistress Love apparently also has a completely fantastic voice and now has quite a catalog of excellent recordings.
127 Madame Y
One of the few text-to-speech (i.e. computer generated voice) hypnotists I really like, Madame Y's persona is a robot dominatrix-- somewhat unusually, the invention of a woman, but one who likes the robot voice. She does some nice things with multiple tracks and other effects in her recordings, and is well worth a listen.
128 Madam Kistulot
an author of erotic mind-control stories, mostly comic-book themed, that delve considerably into the inner experience of the subject, Madam Kistulot is also a lesbian recreational hypnotist. She writes a blog about her experiences.
129 Madam Violet
A charming hypnotherapist and domme with a British accent who seems to have moved into the mp3 and (mostly) video market after starting with one-on-one hypnosis through NiteFlirt. This link is to her Clips4Sale page; she also has a dedicated website, but at the moment it's a stub.
130 MajorPixel
Also going by "The Voice," MajorPixel crafts unabashedly filthy suggestions and brags that what he really enjoys is fucking with you. He has many files available on WarpMyMind and some other places; this link is to his NiteFlirt listings, which he seems to reference as a home page.
131 ManInControl
the only male hypno dom I can think of who has a strong focus on financial domination; the link is to his hypnosis-focused youtube account, which has a link to his findom-focused account. His hypnosis videos are free, and pretty good.
132 Master Boratus
Some excellent youtube videos on the topic of hypnotic slavery
133 Master Everything
Master Everything makes extremely hot brainwashing videos, combining video porn clips, pop music mashups, text suggestions, and many layers of audio hypnosis, jumping off from the style of Mr Daniels. He has a dedicated site under construction; this link is to his pornhub account, which has most of his videos.
134 Master Grog
A gay hypnodom who seems to use this site as a blog and contact point, though it looks as if he might have audio files available later.
135 Mastering Erotic Hypnosis, by James Gordon and Rebecca Doll
The newest entry in the very small field of erotic-hypnosis-related books, this looks to be a solid counterpart to Mind Play. James Gordon comes from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute lineage of hypnosis teaching, and it's interesting to read a book written by someone who likes their framework. The authors also sound like they have a firm background in BDSM. I'm not yet all the way through it, but enjoying it so far.
136 Mastrrelaxer
This site looks like it dates from 1997. But it does have some charmingly dominant hypnotic voice recordings (on autoplay on the various pages), as well as links to NiteFlirt. It seems to be aimed at gay men.
137 MC Comix
Mind control-themed comics from the likes of Tabico et al. Many are free.
138 MC Forum
a social-networking site largely devoted to talking about the stories on The Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive.
139 Miala
my Mistress's old website. She has lost the email account it was maintained from, and the site went down a while ago, but I've copied over as many of the pages as I could here; including her first recording!
140 Mind Collar
Jadyn offers a series of free hypnotic recordings, and his site also hosts a program that can lead visitors through simple text trances. His recordings seem by default to be aimed at male listeners, but for many of them he offers separate versions for women.
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