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Mind Control Fetish Links
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141 Mind Control Comics
Mind control themed comics from Daphne (of Mind Control Theatre) et al.
142 Mind Control on tvtropes
Some people will tell you that tvtropes *is* mind control. It's easy to experience missing time while chasing down link after link... This link is to the collected page of "Mind Control" tropes in popular fiction.
143 Mind Control Sluts
a new site offering webcomics (free) and animated movies (for sale), all with sexual mind-control themes.
144 Mind Control Theatre
produces porn movies all centered around mind-control themes. Also audio books and comics.
145 Mind Play: A Guide To Erotic Hypnosis
There aren't many books focusing on erotic hypnosis play. This one just came out by hypnotist and long-time erotica author Wiseguy... and I just finished reading my copy. :) This is an excellent resource; a solid, gentle introduction but with breadth of inspiration. If the idea of hypnosis turns you on, and you pick just one book to read about it, pick this one.
146 The Mind Play Study Guide
A companion to the previous book Mind Play, this second book by Mark Wiseman is essentially a collection of notes for conference presentations on different topics related to recreational and erotic hypnosis, with tips on how to present them. Well worth reading at any level of experience with and interest in recreational hypnosis.
147 Mira Stern
another female dominant erotic hypnotist, Mira Stern does some very sneaky things with words, and approaches her inductions in somewhat nontraditional ways. Her dedicated website seems to have fallen into disuse; this link is to her NiteFlirt page.
148 Miss Gia
Combining hypnosis and financial domination, Miss Gia offers phone sessions and apparently also some recorded hypnosis sessions, though you have to be on her mailing list for access to the latter, so I don't know much about them. Her site is a bit confusing to navigate, but pretty. And, charmingly, she accepts Bitcoin. :)
149 Miss Kay
a phone hypno domme who seems to enjoy a wide variety of fetishes; this is her erotic-hypnosis-focused website. She has a lovely voice and her recordings seem to have high production values as well as capable hypnosis.
150 Mistress Candice
a pretty, elaborately kinky hypno domme who's very friendly and personable on social networking sites.
151 Mistress Carol
a hypnodomme with very similar inflections to Nikki Fatale (and they've done a number of files together); I get the impression that some of Mistress Carol's files explore slightly further into other fetishes.
152 Mistress Leslie
Another hypnotist with a fun concentration on mind control, along with forays into other fetishes.
153 Mistress Mina
gorgeous raven-haired beauty Mistress Mina seems to mostly do pornographic video clips. She doesn't list hypnosis among her interests, but a lot of her clips seem to involve it anyway.
154 Mistress of Hypnosis
Also known as Goddess of Hypnosis: a long-time hypno domme whose recordings and videos focus mainly on deepening control. She has a distinctive style involving intense eye contact and a sing-song inflection; and she has some very dedicated fans. This link is to her NiteFlirt profile, as her personal website seems to be down.
155 Mistress Nerezza
answering the question "why don't all these people who say they can use hypnosis to control minds just collect a harem of slaves to give them sex and money and serve them in other ways?" Mistress Nerezza at least presents the appearance of doing just that. A protege of Mistress Seductra, she also advertises that she is crazy.
156 Mistress Seductra
offering a well-defined sequence of intense brainwashing audio files for increasing prices, Mistress Seductra's hypnosis recordings appear to be aimed at the helpless-addiction end of erotic hypnosis fantasy. They start with some free recordings created via software text-to-speech, but supposedly progress to her actual voice later in the series.
157 Mistress Surrender
live voice-chat erotic hypnosis with a dominant Mistress. Her blog is in an interesting case-study style, including her notes and journal entries from her subjects.
158 Mistress T
female-dominant pornographic videos based on a variety of fetishes; but her hypnosis ones seem to be well-regarded.
159 Mistress Winters
a dominant lesbian hypnofetishist writes about her experiences.
160 Mistress Zaida
I think I've been mentally categorizing Mistress Zaida as the Top 40 of Internet hypno dommes. Partly because her files appear to have lots of background dance music. She seems to be fairly active on Inraptured and is quite personable there.
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