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Mind Control Fetish Links
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161 Mr Potestas
The Wordpress blog of prolific mind control author Mr Potestas.
162 NEEHU 10 (New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference)
The New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference is a gathering of fetishists from further and further afield; it is arguably the prototypical erotic hypnosis conference, the one that started the trend. In 2019 it runs March 28-April 1.
163 Neil the Erotic Hypnotist
A trained hypnotherapist who also does erotic hypnosis, through in-person sessions, primarily with men.
164 New England Erotic Hypnosis Group
Under Mephki's talented guidance New England has become kind of a hotbed of hypnosis kinksters, with fairly regular social gatherings and frequent seminars and study groups and practices. Most of the organization is on FetLife, but this website provides a handy source of info.
165 A New Spankee
an appealing and detailed blog about a young woman's exploration of her hypnosis and spanking fetishes, in real life and online in Second Life.
166 Nicole Dosei
an excellent hypnotist with an incredible voice. Nicole seems to have disappeared and reappeared from the net; this appears to be her current website.
167 Nimja
A male hypnotist who produces a wide variety of free recordings and a complex, frequently-added-to interactive text hypnosis script.
168 Noelle Has Trance Adventures
A writer who wants to write a story involving hypnosis begins reading about erotic hypnosis on the web, and gradually gets drawn into that fetish world. Sounds like a story plot itself, doesn't it? Noelle writes a blog about her experiences and observations, and some very hot snippets of stories.
169 O'Melissokomos: The Bee Keeper
long-running story site centering around gay hypnosis, mind control, and muscle alteration.
170 Perverted Hypnosis
Hypnodomme Mistress Amy, aka Ms Behavior, offers a selection of mp3s and text trances as well as phone sessions. This link is to her lavish NiteFlirt profile, though she also has a sparse external website.
171 Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming
Another of the very few published books specifically on erotic hypnosis. Having now finally read this one, I can say that it's... sketchy. It's an ok but not super thorough introduction to hypnosis, with a set of usable scripts that are a bit more on the cult/sex-slave end than other books. Which of course makes them very hot if you're into that. The author of course also wants to spend some time marketing his brand.
172 Priestess Katherine's Hypnocult
Priestess Katherine seems to have a variety of inexpensive hypnotic mp3s, as well as video clips.
173 Princess Lexie
A NiteFlirt hypno princess specializing in mind control, sissification, and cuckolding.
174 Queen Cleopatra
an excellent London-based hypnotic domme who sells recordings and also offers face-to-face erotic hypnosis sessions. She also has some video recordings for sale of erotic hypnosis sessions she did with male subjects, which is quite rare (as opposed to video of female subjects being hypnotized, which is very easy to find).
175 Real Hypnosis Reviews
A professional hypnotist reviews hypnosis-related products. The site is not focused on erotic uses at all, but he does review things like light-and-sound machines which a hypnofetishist might well enjoy.
176 SamanthaSez
Samantha may be a fictional character. Her voice is certainly the product of a text-to-speech generator (though a pretty good one). But her recordings do very fun things with multiple tracks, and her youtube videos (under the name SamanthaSezListen) integrate text and pictures with those tracks *very* well.
177 Sarah Blake
female-dominant pornographic videos based on a variety of fetishes (she seems to favor humiliation); but including some well-regarded hypnosis ones.
178 Sarah LaBrie
a pretty hypnotist with beautifully deep eyes does hypnosis for meditation and healing and also dominant erotic hypnosis.
179 Samba's Web
Erotic hypnosis recordings in a very good text-to-speech voice (female). The files cover a pretty wide variety of kinks.
180 Sensual Mistress
a marketplace site selling femdom erotic hypnosis recordings from a variety of different hypnotists, most of whom have their own sites elsewhere.
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