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Mind Control Fetish Links
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181 Miss Minxie
a hot fetish model who does video clips of a wide variety of fetishes, including hypnosis. The one bit I've seen didn't have her lips moving, so I can't swear the hypnotist is the same woman as the fetish model. But she seems to cover some lovely ideas.
182 Mistress Candice
a pretty, elaborately kinky hypno domme who's very friendly and personable on social networking sites.
183 Mistress Carol
a hypnodomme with very similar inflections to Nikki Fatale (and they've done a number of files together); I get the impression that some of Mistress Carol's files explore slightly further into other fetishes.
184 Mistress Marisa
floaty, ethereal hypnotic recordings about deepening trance and erotic surrender.
185 Mistress Mina
gorgeous raven-haired beauty Mistress Mina seems to mostly do pornographic video clips. She doesn't list hypnosis among her interests, but a lot of her clips seem to involve it anyway.
186 Mistress of Hypnosis
a long-time hypno domme whose recordings and videos focus mainly on deepening control.
187 Mistress of Money
Financial domination is another fetish with a big hypnosis crossover, but a lot of dommes maintain separate findom websites, or list financial domination as only one of the things they do. Miss Annabel Grace seems from her site name to be positioning herself primarily as a financial domme... but she just announced that for every £100 raised, she will release a new free recording. She has a number of hypnotic recordings on youtube as "MistressOfMoney".
188 Mistress Nerezza
answering the question "why don't all these people who say they can use hypnosis to control minds just collect a harem of slaves to give them sex and money and serve them in other ways?" Mistress Nerezza at least presents the appearance of doing just that. A protege of Mistress Seductra, she also advertises that she is crazy.
189 Mistress Seductra
offering a well-defined sequence of intense brainwashing audio files for increasing prices, Mistress Seductra's hypnosis recordings appear to be aimed at the helpless-addiction end of erotic hypnosis fantasy. They start with some free recordings created via software text-to-speech, but supposedly progress to her actual voice later in the series.
190 Mistress Sennett
Mistress Sennett has had youtube videos up for a while but I think this web site is new. The site almost looks like it's meant for therapy, but she has at least one free recording that is quite dominant.
191 Mistress Summer
In addition to hypnotic training for intense domination and control, hypnodomme Mistress Summer offers a number of recordings on what she calls "religious retraining - erasing the cult of religion and replacing it with worshipping a true Goddess, Me." I think her free file is the sexiest single-free-file I've run across from an online hypnotist.
192 Mistress Surrender
live voice-chat erotic hypnosis with a dominant Mistress. Her blog is in an interesting case-study style, including her notes and journal entries from her subjects.
193 Mistress T
female-dominant pornographic videos based on a variety of fetishes; but her hypnosis ones seem to be well-regarded.
194 Mistress Winters
a dominant lesbian hypnofetishist writes about her experiences.
195 Mistress Zaida
I think I've been mentally categorizing Mistress Zaida as the Top 40 of Internet hypno dommes. Partly because her files appear to have lots of background dance music. She seems to be fairly active on Inraptured and is quite personable there.
196 Mona Blu
an impressively tricky hypnotist who sells a wide variety of erotic recordings.
197 Mr Daniel
specializing in hypnosis via lengthy flash files, and in fetishizing exaggeratedly feminine behavior and dress, Mr Daniel both offers free content and has a for-pay members-only area of his website, where he also has group chats over skype.
198 Ms Eris Discordia
a hypno domme who seems to present herself as a chaos magician, though she doesn't use those words on her site that I can find. Lots of fun sneaky hypnotic language, though.
199 My Naughty Box
blog of hypno-smut ebook author Pan/Pandora Box, who seems to largely specialize in incest stories.
200 NEEHU 5 (New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference)
The New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference is a gathering of fetishists from further and further afield. In 2014 it runs March 27-31 (and has a new website!)
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