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Mind Control Fetish Links
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181 Savannah
a hypnodomme whose website looks as if it was carefully crafted with search engine optimization in mind; I don't know anything about her voice or skills.
182 Senator of Mind Control
a longtime online hypno-dom who offers a variety of slave training programs for sale, some of them rather extreme. He seems mainly oriented towards male subjects, though he does have a few programs aimed at women and a couple for male slaves of female mistresses (training them to be bisexual or sissy).
183 Shadow Priest
male-male erotic hypnosis, leaning towards humiliation-oriented. If I were to imagine a site that was an exact translation of a hypnodomme site to mm orientation I think it would look like this.
184 Sharon's Musings
hypnosis erotica by hypno domme Sharon
185 Shayniac
Mistress Shayna appears to specialize in sissification, offering recorded hypnosis sessions, live sessions, and assignments.
186 Shelle Rivers
a playful hypno domme with a girlish, giggly voice.
187 Skates
thoughtful blog by a dominant young woman who plays with hypnosis.
188 Slavenosis
HypnoQueen seems to specialize in brainwashing a stable of slaves-- throwing in a few other fetishes-- but despite the name, has a surprisingly personable, chatty website, as well as a delicious voice.
189 Sleep with Giggli
another chatty blog about experiences with hypnotic submission in Second Life.
190 Slut In My Head
an author of erotic hypnosis stories and hypnotist with a very twisted imagination.
191 Spiral's Blue-Green Lair
flamboyant hypno-switch Spiral Turquoise writes engagingly about his experiences as hypnotist and subject.
192 Spiral Seductions
Ember and Charlotte, two excellent hypnotic dommes who release a surprising amount of their fantastic content for free.
193 A Succubi's Tale
The blog of TeraS, a mind-control stories author who's a bit more obsessed with all things succubus than I'd realized. The title is actually the title of her blog; the site also houses some other succubus-related resources.
194 Suechan's Hypno Site
noted hypnofetish artist. I'm not just biased because she drew an illustration of a scene from one of my stories once. :)
195 Surrender to Sleep
Mistress Joanne is another long-time hypno domme who clearly enjoys seducing your mind away. You'll enjoy it too. ;)
196 Svengali (Erotic Stories Wrapper)
Svengali is a third-party wrapper site for the Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive, which adds collaborative tagging and search functionality.
197 Tallguy744
a male hypnotist who records free files primarily for women, writes a blog and links his files from here.
198 Tara Tainton
This creative pornstar does video clips and audio recordings on a wide variety of fetish fantasy subjects; she seems to have a a large number featuring hypnosis.
199 Tease And Thank You
Videos of real femdom sessions-- According to the blurb, "Girls-Next-Door Femdom on Anonymous Boys". A thing that's unusual about this site is that submissive men actually *appear* in their videos (though generally masked and in full-body suits), which, since they sometimes do hypnosis, means they're one of the very few sites offering fetish videos which actually show men being hypnotized.
200 The Technosexuality, Pygmalionist & Mind Control Fetish FAQ 3.0
I can't add much to that title. Winterrose lists this as his website.
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