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Mind Control Fetish Links
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181 Mind Collar
Jadyn offers a series of free hypnotic recordings, and his site also hosts a program that can lead visitors through simple text trances. His recordings seem by default to be aimed at male listeners, but for many of them he offers separate versions for women.
182 Mind Control on Amazon
a list of erotic mind-control stories available on, either mostly or entirely as e-books. The list is not exhaustive; links from pages of individual items will bring you to a lot more.
183 Mind Control on Amazon, II
mind-control erotica author Marc Cabot's second list of mind-control smut on Amazon after the first list filled up.
184 Mind Control on Amazon, III
Third in a series of lists of mind-control smut for sale on Amazon.
185 Mind Control on Amazon, IV
Fourth in a series of lists of erotic mind-control ebooks available on Amazon.
186 Mind Control on Amazon, V
Fifth list of erotic mind-control ebooks on Amazon. This one includes my own first ebook, Drawn to Darkness!
187 Mind Control on Amazon, VI
Sixth list of erotic mind-control ebooks on Amazon.
188 Mind Control on Amazon, VII
Seventh list of erotic mind-control ebooks on Amazon.
189 Mind Control on Amazon, VIII
Eighth list of Erotic Mind-Control books on Amazon.
190 Mind Control on Amazon, IX
Ninth list of Erotic Mind-Control books on Amazon.
191 Mind Control on Amazon, X
Tenth list of erotic mind-control ebooks on Amazon.
192 Mind Control on Amazon, XI
Marc Cabot's 11th list of Mind-Control-themed stories on Amazon.
193 Mind Control Comics
Mind control themed comics from Daphne (of Mind Control Theatre) et al.
194 Mind Control on tvtropes
Some people will tell you that tvtropes *is* mind control. It's easy to experience missing time while chasing down link after link... This link is to the collected page of "Mind Control" tropes in popular fiction.
195 Mind Control Sluts
a new site offering webcomics (free) and animated movies (for sale), all with sexual mind-control themes.
196 Mind Control Theatre
produces porn movies all centered around mind-control themes. Also audio books and comics.
197 Mind Play: A Guide To Erotic Hypnosis
There aren't many books focusing on erotic hypnosis play. This one just came out by hypnotist and long-time erotica author Wiseguy... and I just finished reading my copy. :) This is an excellent resource; a solid, gentle introduction but with breadth of inspiration. If the idea of hypnosis turns you on, and you pick just one book to read about it, pick this one.
198 The Mind Play Study Guide
A companion to the previous book Mind Play, this second book by Mark Wiseman is essentially a collection of notes for conference presentations on different topics related to recreational and erotic hypnosis, with tips on how to present them. Well worth reading at any level of experience with and interest in recreational hypnosis.
199 Mira Stern
another female dominant erotic hypnotist, Mira Stern does some very sneaky things with words, and approaches her inductions in somewhat nontraditional ways.
200 Miss Gia
Combining hypnosis and financial domination, Miss Gia offers phone sessions and apparently also some recorded hypnosis sessions, though you have to be on her mailing list for access to the latter, so I don't know much about them. Her site is a bit confusing to navigate, but pretty. And, charmingly, she accepts Bitcoin. :)
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