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Mind Control Fetish Links
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21 Constance Rose
a hypnotist and domme who seems to mostly do phone sessions, though she advertises one recording and more in the works. Her site is well-written.
22 Controlled Girls
fetish videos of attractive women in various mind-control scenarios, which all seem to wind up getting them naked. :)
23 Corruption of Champions
A blog by the designer of an interesting mind control/transformation fetish flash game, something like a text adventure. The site has a link to the game itself.
24 Cranial Lust
the writer of a Second Life hypnosis device writes a blog, with links to some related things in Second Life.
25 DeepMindDarkWood
A BDSM and Fetish Hypnosis event in the woods of Western Massachusetts. This year it is September 9-11, 2016.
26 Deep Surrender
Amethyst is a hypnotist and domme with a delicious voice who produces some well-put-together hypnotic recordings, including obedience training and some storylike erotic fantasies. Her site lists another domme also, Celeste, but I'm not sure which if any of the recordings there are hers.
27 Deep Trances
the long-running blog of a stage and erotic hypnotist. He has a couple of good video inductions posted, and some stories, as well.
28 Descent Hypnosis Radio
a streaming internet radio station that alternates music with hypnotic inductions from a variety of hypnotists, intending to do for professional erotic hypnotists what regular radio stations do for musicians.
29 Diamond Diva Princess
With a bit of a "what if Marilyn Monroe were a hypno domme?" vibe, Diamond Diva Princess is serious about both money domination and fetish mind-control.
30 Diana Rey
Her website is a little barebones-- and doesn't have an obvious link to warpmymind, where several of her recordings can now be found-- but this hypno domme covers many common fantasies and her voice and delivery are fantastic.
31 Directed Erotic Visualization
SMOTP offers free and for-pay stories and hypnotic recordings which he calls "Directed Erotic Visualization", with some aimed at men and some at women.
32 The Dirty Hypnotist
Kinky hypnotist Kali Bliss writes a very sexy blog about dirty applications of hypnosis; it looks like she sort of spans the gap between "things couples would do if they knew how" and "erotic mind control." She has also written a book about erotic hypnosis.
33 Dollification
A forum about the process of turning into a living doll. This is a theme that often shows up in connection with hypnosis fetishes, since hypnosis works well to create this experience.
34 Dollstories
Stories about people transformed into dolls, another fetish with some significant crossover with mind-control fetish.
35 Dolly's Tales
DollySlave writes about her experiences becoming a doll through hypnosis.
36 Dreams of Control
ebook mind-control erotica author Marc Cabot writes a blog.
37 Dream Girls Subliminal Training
Pretty much the entire sex appeal of subliminal messages, packaged into a product line. Put secret messages into the music your friend, girlfriend, or wife listens to, making her obedient and horny! That level of influence with subliminal messages isn't as well-attested as, say, hypnosis; no idea how well it works. But with a willing subject it could be a hot idea.
38 Ellechemy
a creative hypno domme who offers her recordings for free. She seems primarily oriented towards dominance, taking control of submissive hypnotic subjects.
39 Enchantress Esmeralda
a new hypnodomme whose sample track is all in a whisper. Whispering seems to be a fetish all by itself, judging by things I've seen on youtube; but Esmeralda's saying deliciously hypnotic things in that whisper.
40 Enslaving Eyes
blog of Jess Mesmer, an mcstories author whose most recent work is an erotic hypnosis choose-your-own-adventure story (linked from the blog).
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