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Mind Control Fetish Links
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201 Tessa Fields
a charming and talented hypno domme.
202 thrall
another wonderful mcstories author who writes a very personable blog about mind-control fetish. She has a great wealth of useful tips for using the Virtual Hypnotist program.
203 Trancescript
JT writes scripts for erotic hypnosis files, and possibly also publishes smutty stories under the name Smuthunter.
204 Trance With Me
another delightfully geeky hypnodomme, M. mostly seems to share her life on Twitter, but also has this blog.
205 Transform Hypnosis
Transform Hypnosis seems to occupy a middle space between mainstream and erotic hypnosis. None of the current recordings for sale are directly erotic, but many seem to touch on topics like furry transformation, gender change, or muscle growth, which are more popular in recreational than therapeutic hypnosis communities.
206 Under the Influence
short hot hypnosis stories by Fluence.
207 The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell
A sort of revolutionary-guerilla vision of femdom. I heard of this site through an article about the UK's new porn censorship law, and I suspect she's getting a lot of publicity that way now. But some of her videos involve the story of brainwashing subjects with hypnosis. She appears to show male subjects in her videos, which is unusual.
208 Velvets Fantasies
Jacquelyn Velvets' videos of herself and other stunningly beautiful women knocked out, drugged, gassed, hypnotized, frozen into immobility, etc.
209 ViVe
A male hypnotist with a German accent who's currently putting out quite a variety of free recorded hypnosis files (in English)-- including a lot of "dumbing down" files, but many others as well.
210 Voyer's Hypno Stuff
in addition to his artwork and stories, Voyer also maintains an excellent collection of links to other erotic hypnosis related websites.
211 Warp My Mind
an enormous collection of erotic hypnosis recordings, many of them available for free, by many different people.
212 X-Men Mind Control Blog
A lovingly detailed exploration of mind-control themes in Chris Claremont's X-Men plots. Apparently it comes up a lot.
213 You Must Obey
A charmingly earnest and impersonally dominant sort of serial-recruitment-mind-control-fetish-themed social-media site.
214 Mistress Clarissa
Mistress Clarissa is a dominatrix and hypnodomme who offers live sessions as well as recordings and phone/skype.
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