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Mind Control Fetish Links
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41 Ensnared
a hypnosis/mind-control roleplaying site.
42 Entrancement UK
a British site selling fetish videos of attractive women hypnotized and made to do various kinky things. The hypnotist Lex and his Very Significant Other also write a blog.
43 Eraudica
Eve seems to have gotten her start on reddit's GoneWildAudio, and still publishes a lot of free audio erotica, as well as hypnotic recordings. Her site has a membership model, but also links a lot of content outside that model.
44 Eroticast Erotic Audio
Like a story site, but for (free) audio stories. Smutty audio stories. :) The site has categories for both "erotic hypnosis" and "mind control stories," although I think at present there is 100% overlap between them.
45 Erotic Gay Hypnosis
primarily a list of references to male-male hypnosis in media and elsewhere on the web, the site also used to host the Narcissus Cursed Men Collection, something like the Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive but for specifically male-male stories, with more elaborate coding and ratings.
46 Erotic Hypnosis on
the "erotic hypnosis" tag on, the internet radio station. There are a couple of files by hypnodommes on the playlist...
47 Erotic Hypnosis on Reddit
wide-ranging discussion of erotic hypnosis on the popular discussion site.
48 Erotic Hypnosis Scripts
A collection of scripts from over 100 erotic hypnosis recordings, by Chewtoy (me!) Included here for completeness with the other listed erotic-hypnosis-how-to books. :)
49 Erotic Hypnosis Video
Combination review site and aggregator. Despite the name, not just video; but the main focus is sissy, cock sucking, and cum-eating content, and mostly mashup videos that combine pornographic images from all over with text, spirals, and binaurals and/or full-length audio tracks from professional hypnodommes. Some of these can be quite good if you like the domme(s) in question.
A brand-new general erotic-hypnosis news and discussion site; it seems to be more on an old-media model (articles, stories, interviews) rather than being a social-networking site as such. But it looks like it will feature a series of podcasts including interviews with erotic hypnotists (one is already up).
51 Erotic Mind Control on Goodreads
Since Amazon lists have gone down, the same author has started a list of erotic mind-control books and ebooks on Goodreads.
52 The Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive
The go-to site for erotic mind-control stories.
53 Erotic Transformation
porn movies involving transformations, and in some cases mind-control and hypnosis.
54 Erotische Hypnose
Domina Tara does erotic hypnosis in German. Actually I don't know much about this site other than that she has a beautiful voice and cleanly-recorded audio.
55 eSuccubus
Elena is an imaginative and kinky hypnotist who, along with some of her friends, offers a lot of hypnotic recordings on this site, most of them free. They seem to be experimenting with some complex payment structures for the rest, in an attempt to keep them all available but inexpensive.
56 Evil Bedtime Stories
August Renfelt's short stories, and links to his e-books. Aliens, mind-control, horror, fun stuff.
57 Evilena
a hypnodomme (and kickboxer!) who seems to have a thing for female subjects, though she clearly works with both genders. Her hypno voice has a distinctive, strong inflection.
58 The Excessive Machine
Male dominant erotic hypnosis recordings and writings by Will Dissolver. Some are quite sneaky. :)
59 Exclusive Audios
Lara and Esme record sexy audio porn; Lara is a hypnotist, while Esme's recordings appear to be general erotic stories. The site seems to be aimed a bit more mainstream than the usual niche hypnofetish; but it includes at least one free recording, so you can judge for yourself.
60 Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
hypnosis fetish videos with a slight female-supremacy bent.
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