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Mind Control Fetish Links
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61 Fetish Phone Domination
a specifically-femdom phone sex website with a significant proportion of erotic hypnotists.
62 Fetlife
Fetlife is a general kink-oriented social-networking site. A very good one. There are a number of erotic-hypnosis and mind-control related groups there; this link is to one of the larger ones, aptly titled "Erotic Hypnosis".
63 Forced Femdom Hypnosis
essentially a female-dominant-hypnosis fan site run by mindslave67, this site has both an excellent and detailed directory of online hypnotic dommes and also a pretty through listing of free femdom erotic hypnosis recordings available from various places.
64 Free Will
a cute choose-your-own-adventure style mind-control themed flash game.
65 Freezeplay
Freezing-- playing with post-hypnotic suggestions to completely stop moving on command-- is practically a whole subfetish of its own. Bliss, her husband David, and their friend Arsenic, wrote a blog and produced videos (and one audio hypnosis session) involving this fetish. Since I posted a link to them, their website, blog, and youtube account seem to have vanished; only these dailymotion videos and a moribund Twitter account remain.
66 Frost Endwood
a hypnotist who writes a blog and publishes a number of free files; largely furry transformation related.
67 FurMorphed
a furry fetish discussion board that apparently talks quite a lot about the uses of hypnosis for positive visual and tactile hallucinations, body image changes, etc. The hypnosis-related parts of the website are not visible until you have registered and verified an account.
68 Galiana Chance
A newish but talented hypno domme who writes a very personable blog.
69 The Garden of MC
another social networking site largely devoted to discussing the stories on The Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive.
70 Gay Hypnosis
slutinmyhead's other website, aimed perhaps mainly at bi-curious or interested-in-being-bi-curious men.
71 German Hypnokink Blog
Gerry, a German hypnofetishist, writes a wide-ranging (English-language) blog.
72 Goddess Danika
a creative hypnodomme with a lovely rich voice, who offers phone and text chats as well as recordings.
73 Goddess Darla
A young new hypnotist and domme who's produced some nice short video and audio clips.
74 Goddess Erika's Bewitching Seduction
porn clips featuring hypnotic inductions using large breasts.
75 Goddess Gracie's Good Girls
Sissification is a big crossover fetish with hypnosis, and Goddess Gracie makes a series of very well-regarded files in this genre. The blog has links to related resources as well.
76 Goddess Lucinda
A Dutch pro domme who apparently makes prominent use of hypnosis (she also has some other websites). I can't read Dutch, so I'm not exactly sure what the site says; though I've seen her posting in English elsewhere.
77 Goddess Lycia
Goddess Lycia is another hypnodomme with a voice style that is either frequently imitated by others or close to a trope that others also often use. She has a big web presence, including managing a community on livejournal; and she's done some collaborations with other dommes such as Isabella Valentine.
78 Goddess Melania
spiritually-oriented hypnodomme Goddess Melania has among other things a number of recordings available on youtube for which she has published the full scripts.
79 Goddess River
another hypno domme with a spiritual bent; she produces mostly videos, mainly featuring her large breasts. From her blog, she sounds very comfortable in her skin, and with her toppiness, in a way that I find charming.
80 Goddess Zenova
Her website is a bit sparse so far, but Goddess Zenova has one youtube video up that shows her to be a competent hypnotist (and quite beautiful).
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