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Mind Control Fetish Links
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61 Evilena
a hypnodomme (and kickboxer!) who seems to have a thing for female subjects, though she clearly works with both genders. Her hypno voice has a distinctive, strong inflection.
62 The Excessive Machine
Male dominant erotic hypnosis recordings and writings by Will Dissolver. Some are quite sneaky. :)
63 Exclusive Audios
Lara and Esme record sexy audio porn; Lara is a hypnotist, while Esme's recordings appear to be general erotic stories. The site seems to be aimed a bit more mainstream than the usual niche hypnofetish; but it includes at least one free recording, so you can judge for yourself.
64 Female Hypnotist Revolution Alliance
hypnosis fetish videos with a slight female-supremacy bent.
65 Fembot Central
a robot-fetish bulletin board, possibly derived from the old Usenet group
66 Fembot Wiki
a wiki for sharing art, stories, and reviews of robot-fetish-related media.
67 Femme Bot
robot fetish porn movies by Evangeline von Winter
68 Fetish Immobility Media Sharing
a discussion site devoted to freezing and related fetishes.
69 Fetish Men
A facebook-like gay men fetish website, with a significant hypnosis community.
70 Fetish Phone Domination
a specifically-femdom phone sex website with a significant proportion of erotic hypnotists.
71 Fetlife
Fetlife is a general kink-oriented social-networking site. A very good one. There are a number of erotic-hypnosis and mind-control related groups there; this link is to one of the larger ones, aptly titled "Erotic Hypnosis".
72 Free Will
a cute choose-your-own-adventure style mind-control themed flash game.
73 Freezeplay
Freezing-- playing with post-hypnotic suggestions to completely stop moving on command-- is practically a whole subfetish of its own. Bliss, her husband David, and their friend Arsenic, wrote a blog and produced videos (and one audio hypnosis session) involving this fetish. Since I posted a link to them, their website, blog, and youtube account seem to have vanished; only these dailymotion videos and a moribund Twitter account remain.
74 Frost Endwood
a hypnotist who writes a blog and publishes a number of free files; largely furry transformation related.
75 FurMorphed
a furry fetish discussion board that apparently talks quite a lot about the uses of hypnosis for positive visual and tactile hallucinations, body image changes, etc. The hypnosis-related parts of the website are not visible until you have registered and verified an account.
76 Galiana Chance
A newish but talented hypno domme who writes a very personable blog.
77 The Garden of MC
another social networking site largely devoted to discussing the stories on The Erotic Mind-Control Stories Archive.
78 Gay Hypnosis
slutinmyhead's other website, aimed perhaps mainly at bi-curious or interested-in-being-bi-curious men.
79 The Gay Spiral MC Collection
Male-male mind-control stories; this site looks intended to be a more actively-maintained (Patreon funded) successor to the Narcissus Cursed Men Collection, with its excellent reader feedback mechanisms.
80 German Hypnokink Blog
Gerry, a German hypnofetishist, writes a wide-ranging (English-language) blog.
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