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Mind Control Fetish Links
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81 Goddess Lea
A British Hypnodomme who does phone sessions through NiteFlirt, she has a surprising number of excellent full induction videos on youtube, and apparently more for sale. She spans a variety of fetishes but emphasizes addiction and servitude.
82 Goddess Lucinda
A Dutch pro domme who apparently makes prominent use of hypnosis (she also has some other websites). I can't read Dutch, so I'm not exactly sure what the site says; though I've seen her posting in English elsewhere.
83 Goddess Lycia
Goddess Lycia is another hypnodomme with a voice style that is either frequently imitated by others or close to a trope that others also often use. She has a big web presence, including managing a community on livejournal; and she's done some collaborations with other dommes such as Isabella Valentine.
84 Goddess Melania
spiritually-oriented hypnodomme Goddess Melania has among other things a number of recordings available on youtube for which she has published the full scripts.
85 Goddess River
another hypno domme with a spiritual bent; she produces mostly videos, mainly featuring her large breasts. From her blog, she sounds very comfortable in her skin, and with her toppiness, in a way that I find charming.
86 Goddess Sue
Goddess Sue does hypnotic audio and video recordings and phone domination.
87 Goddess Zenova
Her website is a bit sparse so far, but Goddess Zenova has one youtube video up that shows her to be a competent hypnotist (and quite beautiful).
88 Gwyllion
Stories of faeries and tentacle porn. Probably some of the most literary, well-written tentacle porn you'll be able to find. And, in many of them, mind control. Also lavish, superb illustrations by the author.
89 Here He Sleeps
Hypnotic Mp3s by British dommes Anna, Ciara, Katie, and Lottie. Their scripts seem to have been written by a male friend of theirs, and so sound fairly similar, but they're well-written with fun use of multiple tracks, and the women all have excellent delivery and beautiful voices. Katie seems to have gone off on her own to become Miss Kira, with a separate site and more unique style.
90 Her Zombie
A blog about one sub's slavish devotion to Mistress of Hypnosis. A few dommes collect cults of personality like this; this is probably a pretty stereotypical example, which I'm linking to here mostly because he sent me a nice note about it.
91 Hyp Book
a brand-spanking-new erotic hypnosis social-networking site, apparently focused on online chat; it was opened to replace a previous site on snappville.
92 HypNation
A useful resource site dedicated to information about local recreational hypnosis groups and gatherings.
93 Hypno Addiction
She seems to be just on NiteFlirt, but Goddess Juliet has an intriguing series of hypnotic emails, as well as recordings.
94 Hypnobooru
Vaguely like the now-defunct hypnochan, this site is a posting and discussion site for mind-control-related images-- mostly anime or anime style, but by no means entirely.
95 HypnoDad
A hypnotist who does one on one and group sessions and stage shows, primarily with men.
96 Hypnodelica
some truly amazing animated... mandalas, for want of a better word, coupled with kinky male-voiced hypnotic inductions.
97 Hypnodomme Worship Zone
a female-dominant erotic hypnosis community on livejournal.
98 HypnoDomOR
this set of recordings with simple flash animations has been up unchanged for a long time, but I think his inductions do some enjoyably sneaky things. Male dominant, intended for female listeners.
99 Hypno Erotica
erotic female-dominant hypnosis stories about or inspired by Goddess Marquesa/Krystal Mesmer.
100 Hypnofantasydownloads
Nikki Fatale is a hypno domme whose phrasing and inflection seem to have influenced a lot of other hypnotists; she specializes in straightforward dominant hypnosis, primarily of men. Bob Brown is a hypnotist who offers a range of hypnotic recordings for women and couples.

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