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Other Stuff I Like

Other things that tickled my fancy.  They might tickle something of yours, too.

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1 Bad Dragon
Sex toys made in the shapes of body parts of fantasy creatures. I don't own any of these... yet... but a friend pointed me at the site and I've been chuckling over it all week, so it seems appropriate to put up here.
2 Bare Maidens Erotic Fantasy Nudes
Hot naked women in fantasy-novel scenarios. Sexy Elf! Sexy Wizard! Sexy Orc! Basically what those Halloween costumes all want you to think you're getting.
3 Beyond the Valley of the Femdoms
Photo blog of unconventional dominant women
4 Critique My Dick Pic
A blog that critiques cock photos for artistic merit. Kinda like the title says. :)
5 Dinosaur Porn
These two authors (the link is to the Amazon author page of one of them) have gotten a fair amount of publicity lately for their over-the-top ebook dinosaur porn.
6 Dirty Gamer Girls
Sexy and/or pornographic photoshoots of young women doing cosplay, or playing video games. For more intense wet dreams about sexy elf chicks...
7 Dudes In Distress
Male-sub rope porn for your perverted enjoyment. from two lovely ladies. (That's the page's own subtitle-- I can't improve on it. Obviously the two lovely ladies also give good subtitle.)
8 Fresh Pair
It's hard to find good not-quite-over-the-top sexy men's underwear, the masculine equivalent of the sexy women's lingerie that's such a huge industry. Fresh Pair seems to have a surprisingly good selection, though; and excellent customer service.
9 ManServants
Meant to be an alternative way to objectify hot men besides male strippers-- less grinding, more adoring. I support having more ways to objectify men.
10 Necronomicox
Weird horror and Cthulhu Mythos themed sex toys!
11 Oglaf
A mostly x-rated webcomic set in a medieval fantasy world. There isn't necessarily a continuing story, though there are recurring characters. It is sexy and hilarious and twisted and uncomfortably honest in the best way. And cheerfully agnostic (or possibly "willfully ignorant") about the whole concept of sexual orientation...
12 Oh Joy Sex Toy
A webcomic series that reviews sex toys and other sex-related things. Goofy and fun.
13 Oonacat Demon Hooves
You really have to see the photo. So beautiful! Oonacat takes existing boots and turns them into gorgeous custom hooves, with hoof-prints and everything.
14 Pillow Speakers
Just an object, a product. Speakers hidden in a pillow, for playing sounds only you can hear, while you sleep. It just seems... ripe with possibilities, for a hypno fetishist. ;)
15 Primal Hardwere
Another "literally monster dildo" maker, Primal Hardwere sells, among other things, tentacle dildos and OVIPOSITORS which ACTUALLY DEPOSIT EGGS INSIDE YOU.
16 Sexy Sex Sex
Best capsule summary of dirty talk during sex ever. Scroll down to the reply that starts "A lot of this kind of talk basically amounts to the following:"
17 Sports Girls
Sexy photos of strong women, showing their muscles. Just not something you see all that often.
18 Tenga Egg
I haven't seen a lot of really innovative sex toys for men; but this one definitely qualifies. Attractively-packaged and fun; well worth a try. :)