Gently Bitten

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Before I Kill You, Mr Bond

"You roofied me?"  The spy's clothing, though slightly rumpled, was as impeccable as ever, but his eyes were starting to lose focus.  "Death traps not quite so inescapable on their own, need a little help perhaps?"

His captor laughed.  "Oh, I knew there was a reason I liked you."  She slowly looked his body up and down, as he lay stretched out on the padded table where her henchmen had tied him.  "Aside from the obvious."  She licked her lips.

"This is where I say, 'you'll never get away with this?'" he offered, still trying to focus his eyes.

"And this is where I say, I already have.  Oh, darling, millions of horny frat boys would *kill* to have access to a roofie like this one.  In fact some of them have: I stole it from your government."  She winked.

"If you've ruined the Minister's evening plans my superiors will have some very... cross... words for..." his voice trailed off, vaguely.  "Me..."

"Was that a *political* joke?  Oh, I hadn't realized you were allowed those.  Very nice.  No, wrong part of the government, I'm afraid.  And it seems to have a lot of limitations."  She trailed her hand slowly down his body, as he strained to turn his head to watch.  "It's effects don't last very long, though I have some ideas about that.  And it doesn't lend itself as well as I might like to pumping a target for information.  Really, I don't think your spies found many good *legitimate* uses for it at all.  But I don't mind that."

She stepped in and swung her leg over the table, straddling his waist in one smooth, graceful movement.  Almost tenderly, she reached down and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"So, although I won't be able to pick your brains for whatever few bits of choice intel your highly-compartmentalized organization has slipped up enough to let you have, and I'll miss your delightfully witty banter... for *just* a little while, this exquisite body of yours will do anything.  I.  Say."  She slipped a knife from a boot sheath, and quickly cut open his sleeves, pulling the shirt out from under him.  His eyes, now completely unfocused, stared up into space.  She climbed off the table again, and walked to the foot of it, slipping her knife into his pants leg at the ankle.

"You won't remember any of it, I'm afraid.  So sad!  But you know, as the villainess of the piece, I have this deep-seated psychological need to divulge my evil plans to you.  This way, I get to satisfy that... urge..." she slowly cut open the length of one leg as she talked, then walked around to the other, "... along with some other urges I like to satisfy... safe in the knowledge that you won't remember our pillow talk to foil me later.  It's beautiful, don't you think?"  She cut a line up the other leg, and pulled off his slacks.  "Oooh, boxers!  Nice."

Kneeling next to his head, she whispered in his ear, "Now I'd like you to get hard for me."  His black silk boxers immediately began to tent.  "Oh, *so* lovely."

With a quick motion of the knife, she sliced and pulled away the boxers, leaving her drugged captive now naked save for his shoes, socks, and watch.  After a moment's glance down, she removed those too, then climbed up on the table again.  "I may have you try other positions later, but I've thought about you in this one for *so* long now."  She looked down at his naked body underneath her, his cock stretching stiffly up along his belly.  "I wonder if the drug blocks all kinds of memory, or if your body will retain some echo of this, later.  When you see me, or smell my perfume, will your cock remember *this*?"  She sat down until her pussy rested on the shaft of his cock, and savored the warm hard feel of him against her lips.  "Will your body crave, without knowing why, to come back to me?  To come back..." she reached down and pressed the tip of him against her wetness "*here*?" and slid down reverently onto his shaft.  "Mmmmm....  ohhhhh yes.  Ohhh.  I will still leave you in a death trap after this, but you wouldn't be the man I know you are if you couldn't escape.  Really, it's just my way of flirting with you, making sure you're still interested.  You know that.  Ohhhhhh.... But let me tell you.  Mmmmm.... while I fuck you... Ohhh, so big!  God, you are just as I was hoping for!  Let me tell you how I intend to destroy your city...."