Gently Bitten

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"It's really not good for him, you know."

The taller woman looked up from her menu with studied absentmindedness, and brushed a lock of chestnut hair from in front of her eyes.  "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Her blonde companion sighed.  "Scott.  If you keep doing this, he's just going to secretly pine after you forever."

"Exes are supposed to secretly pine after you forever.  It tempers the pain of the breakup by supporting the bittersweet narrative that you had a good thing going that was just sadly ruined by mutual foolishness."

"Yeah, okay, sure."  A waiter came to the table, took both their coffee-and-pastry orders, then left again.  "But they're supposed to secretly pine after you forever *while moving on*.  If you keep sleeping with him, he's certainly not going to move on."

"I'm sure I have no idea what you mean."

The blonde woman snorted.  "I'm sure *Scott* has no idea what I mean-- does he?  You told him to forget, didn't you?"


"I'm sure it's really tempting.  He still has all those posthypnotic triggers you gave him, and the part of him that *is* pining for you is *so happy* to accept the deal where he gets to sleep with you again as long as he doesn't consciously remember doing it.  And you get to tell yourself that you're not *really* messing with his post-breakup freedom, not really keeping him from finding someone else, because you make sure he doesn't know he's doing it.  Right?"

The brunette stared at her companion for a long time.  In the silence, their coffee arrived.

"I'm just saying, you can't really cheat the heart that way.  Not really.  He may not consciously be aware that you're still fooling around, but his subconscious knows.  His body still responds to you like you're together, when you're near him.  He still looks at you the same way.  And that place in his emotional life where a lover goes, is still filled with you.  Filled so full there may not be room for anyone else.  You know?"

After another long, silent moment, the brunette said a word, and the blonde woman's eyes closed, her body shuddering.

The dark-haired woman reached out a hand, and gently brushed away the tear that was running down her friend's face.  "Oh, sweetie.  Is that how it was for you, then, too?  Is that what I did to you?"

"YES!" her companion sobbed, eyes still closed.

"Oh, oh, oh."  The brunette came around the table, and put her arms around the other woman, comforting her.  "Oh, I am so sorry.  Oh, love, I didn't know."

"I... I kept having these fantasies, about you using me, even though we were broken up, the perfect post-breakup sex.  I thought about going to you and begging you to do it, and to make me not remember."

"You did, love.  You did beg me.  And I thought it was so sweet of you, and so sexy to make you forget."

"But they never went away! They just got stranger and hotter, until I thought it was sexier to have those fantasies than to be with someone else.  To pretend to be your secret love slave, which I really was, but I don't really *have* you anymore, and..."

"Sweetie, I'm so sorry.  It's okay.  We're going to fix this."

"Yeah? *SNIFFF*"

"Yes, of course.  You know how I always fix things, don't I?  How obeying me is always the right thing to do?"

"Y... yes..." the blonde sounded uncertain but hopeful now, lifting her head just a little as if trying to look into the other woman's eyes, though her own were still closed.

"Yes.  Just sink so deep for me now, the way I've trained you for so long... that's right."  The darker-haired woman drew her finger gently down the back of the blonde woman's neck, and the latter slumped slowly, heavily to the table.  "Perfect.  You're so very deep for me now, aren't you?  Completely open to my voice, and ready to obey me."


"Yes.  Now, to loosen your fixation on me, so that you can begin to really look for love with other people, you need to have a really *wonderful* experience with someone else.  A perfect example would be a threesome with me and Scott..."