Gently Bitten

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Queen for a Day


"So this 'Queen for the day' thing is really working out for you, huh?"

Bethany leaned back on her plush armchair "throne" and grinned at her friend Jenny.  "It certainly has its perks."

"Yeah, looks like."  Jenny looked around the room.  All of her friends, somewhat sleepy-eyed, were arrayed attractively in various states of undress.  Susan and Karen, in only their panties and bras, were slowly stripping their boyfriends Peter and Johnny in the center of the room, while the boys moaned and ground their hips, eyes closed, hands clasped behind their heads.

Bethany was clearly enjoying the show.

"Is there something wrong, Jenny?"

"Oh, well..." Jenny paused.

"Come on, you can tell me."

"Well.  I mean, I admit I was skeptical when you suggested that you should hypnotize us all.  I thought it wasn't going to work, or you were going to make us do something silly, or you'd take advantage of us somehow.  But I have to admit you were right, being hypnotized really *is* the best thing ever, and I hope you'll do it to me again and again."

"Good girl."

Jenny blushed, and shivered for a moment as the pink tinge ran up her naked body, where she knelt at Bethany's feet.  "Um... I... and the Queen for a Day thing was a really hot idea.  I never thought I'd enjoy being submissive, let alone all of us being submissive to you, but it's kinky in a super fun way that's really turning me on.  It's so sexy to helplessly obey you that I'm really glad it has perks for you too."

Bethany laughed, and put a finger under Jenny's chin, to raise it up until Jenny was looking into her eyes.  "But...?"

Jenny blushed, and ducked her eyes down.  "But... does one of the perks have to be my boyfriend?  When you were talking about it before, I sort of thought you were going to be hypnotizing Mike to wait on *me* hand and foot."

Bethany looked up to her other side, where Mike stood naked, holding a tray of strawberries in whipped cream just within her easy reach.  She plucked a strawberry from the tray, popped it in her mouth, and contemplated the man beside her as she chewed.  His eyes were completely glassy, fixated on the big spiral banner on the wall behind her chair.  As were most of the friends in the room; though Jenny apparently couldn't quite see it from her position.

"You know Jenny, one of the best things about being hypnotized is Mike's cock."

Jenny blinked.  "Um...?"

"Mm-hmm."  Bethany took the tray from Mike, set it on the floor, and then grabbed his penis in one hand, using it to gently tug him around to the front of her chair.  She felt him swelling between her fingers as she handled him firmly.  "It's so hot to feel him get stiff like that, isn't it?"

Jenny blushed.  "Yes."

"Being hypnotized makes him so hard.  Look at him, staring at the spiral, getting stiffer and stiffer now.  He gets so stiff and hard as he goes deeper, and you can imagine that inside you now, can't you, Jenny?"

Jenny's breath caught.  "Yes..."

"Kneel in front of me and look at the spiral, Jenny."

Jenny turned and knelt and looked over Bethany's shoulder, and her eyes grew a bit glassier, as the big image that had so recently been used to hypnotize her caught her imagination again.  "Oh..." she breathed.

"Good girl.  Spread your legs apart, now, and rise up a bit.  That's right.  So that Mike's big firm cock could slide into your wet pussy from behind as you kneel there.  Can't you imagine what that would feel like?"

"Ohhhh..." moaned Jenny.  "Yes..."

"Deeper and deeper, as you go deeper and deeper, Jenny.  Being hypnotized makes you think of Mike's cock inside you, and Mike's cock inside you makes you think of being hypnotized, and deeper and deeper feels better and better, doesn't it?  You're just aching for that, aren't you, Jenny?"

"Yes..." Jenny's half-lidded eyes were completely unfocused now, but still pointed at the spiral on the wall, as her body trembled.

"And thinking of Mike's cock reminds you of how good he tastes in your mouth, doesn't it?  You can get him even harder and wetter with your mouth as you go deeper now, Jenny.  Mike, lean forward so Jenny can take your cock in her mouth... that's right."

Both of the couple swayed together in a momentary rapture of cocksucking, Jenny on her knees and Mike standing in front of her.

"That's right, Jenny.  Mmmm, touch yourself while you suck Mike's cock.  You're so deeply hypnotized, so submissive for me, aren't you?  And Mike's cock is the best thing about being hypnotized.  Mike's cock is the best thing ever.  And you know what the best things are for, don't you?"

Bethany leaned forward and pulled Mike's hips back a bit with her hand, as a vaguely confused look crossed Jenny's face.  Mike's shaft slid out from between her lips with a little sucking sound, and Jenny mumbled "... the Queen?"

"That's right."  Bethany stood up with a wicked grin, and pushed Mike down into her chair.  "The best things are for the Queen."  She slipped her tiny black panties off under her miniskirt, leaving the fishnet stockings and garters still in place.  As Jenny watched in confusion, Bethany backed herself onto the chair, her ass just bumping into Mike's chest.

"You're so hungry for Mike's cock, aren't you Jenny?  Keep watching it.  Keep staring at it.  You want to keep licking it, don't you?"

"Uh-huh!"  Jenny nodded quietly.

"And what else do you need to watch?"  Bethany unzipped her miniskirt and slipped it off, tossing it in a random direction into the room.  Right above her clean-shaven pussy was a dark black tattoo of a spiral.

"The Spiral..." Jenny breathed.

"That's right, Jenny.  Come deeper into the spiral..." Bethany reached down, and placed the head of Mike's cock just between the lips of her pussy.  "And lick Mike's cock.  You need to go deeper into the Spiral for Mike's cock, Jenny.  All the way into the Spiral..."

Jenny leaned forward slowly, drawn inexorably forward, as Bethany closed her eyes and slipped herself onto Mike's shaft.