Gently Bitten

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Easter Egg


"Another finger... ohh... good... yeah--yes!  Ohhh, ,*very* good!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Ohhhh, ogod, ohh... what?  What did you just say?"

"Um... nothing?"

Jenny raised an eyebrow, then slowly, deliberately, pushed Trevor over sideways, flipped a leg over him, and sat up to straddle him.  One hand around his wrist kept his fingers inside her until she was seated.  Then she pulled them out and lifted his hand up to gently rub his fingers across his nose and mouth.

She let go of his hand, put her palm in the middle of his chest, and looked into his eyes.  "Tell me what you said."

In a tiny, almost inaudible voice, he said, "yes, Mistress."

She stared into his eyes, inscrutably.  "You said 'Yes, Mistress?'"

He looked down, blushing.

"Look at me."

His eyes shot back to hers.  Almost fearful.  Trapped.

"You said, 'Yes, Mistress?'"

"Yes, Mistress," he replied, clearly but still very quiet.

"Well."  She grinned.  "*That*'s fun."

She still held his gaze, considering.  Her smile turning speculative.  He looked back, waiting.

She paused longer, suddenly starting to enjoy making him wait.

Finally she spoke again.  "What made you say that?"

He drew in a breath.  "You... my... last girlfriend."  He blushed deeply.  "Hypnotized me.  When she said 'Very good,' like you did... it was a trigger, I had to reply with 'Yes, Mistress.'"

"Apparently you still do."

"Yes Mistress."  He gasped again.

She looked him over, then put a finger to his lips.  He kissed it, and she leaned down to kiss him back, drawing her finger down the side of his face and his neck until her hand was resting in the center of his chest, palm flat, holding him down, again.

She brushed her cheek against his, and put her lips to his ear.  She spoke very softly.

"What else did she train you to do?"