Gently Bitten

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Show Me


"Can you show me on the doll where the man touched you?"

Hilary smirked, and played along with the hypnotist.  "The first time I had really great sex?  Well, I *wanted* him to touch me *everywhere*.  But it was a romantic date, so I guess first we kissed... that would be here."

She put her finger on the lips of the voodoo doll.  Then she got a funny expression.  "Oh."


Hilary had closed her eyes, and was absently rubbing the lips of the doll, with her own lips slightly parted.  She moved her lips a little bit, as she rubbed with her finger, and her breath was coming a little faster now.


"Oh!  Um... sorry.  It felt... it feels like..."

"Can you show me where else he touched you?"

"Oh!"  Hilary looked around the room now, at the audience, then back down at the doll, and blushed.  "Well... he put his arms around my back..." she stroked a finger along the back of the doll, and once again closed her eyes and drew in a breath of pleasure.

"And then..." she opened her eyes, and held the doll up to eye level, peering at it very intently.  "He unhooked my bra..." she licked her thumb, and then very gently and precisely touched it to the chest of the doll, on one side, where its left nipple would have been. "Ohhhhhhhhh!  Oh, yes..."

The stage hypnotist let Hilary play with the doll's imagined breasts for a few moments, moaning in increasing pleasure all the while, to the great delight of the audience.  Then she drew Hilary's attention again.  "Can I borrow that doll for just a moment?"

"Oh god no."

The audience laughed.  Hilary blushed even more deeply, but held on firmly to the doll.

"It's just for a moment, and I'll give it right back.  You'll enjoy this even more, Hilary."

"Well... all right."  Hilary surrendered the doll, and the woman snapped her fingers behind Hilary's head, saying "Hilary, sleep."  Hilary slumped over, now relaxed and motionless.

The performer held the voodoo doll in front of the other subject up on the stage, an attractive and now shirtless young man who'd come up to be hypnotized after a deeply entranced Hilary had cooed over him earlier.  He'd proven an excellent subject and had quickly gone very deep.  Now the hypnotist spoke into his ear, then snapped her fingers and his eyes popped open, locking on the voodoo doll.  She spoke a bit more, and he nodded absently.

Back to her first subject, the hypnotist snapped Hilary awake again.  Her eyes also locked eagerly on the voodoo doll.

"Now," said the hypnotist, handing the doll back to Hilary as the hypnotized young man stood suddenly and scooted closer to her as if pulled by magnets, "show me on the doll where you would like *this* man to touch you...."