Gently Bitten

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"What I can't figure out is where the wings go."  Chad turned to his girlfriend Christy, who nodded.

"Maybe they tuck under the shoulderblades...?" Christy ventured.

"Silence!" thundered the bee girl.  "You're supposed to be completely in my thrall.  The Hive's changes have given me complete control over my pheromones, giving me irresistible sexual control over humans at this range."

Christy and Chad looked at each other, then back at the bee girl.

"What?" she demanded.

"Veronica, we're both standing here having long intense fantasies about deepthroating your ovipositor, which I'm pretty sure is basically ew," Chad started.

"Yeah, and Chad's so hard his cock is actually poking out the top of his pants, and I'm so wet you can see the stain through the crotch of my jeans," continued Christy.  "Your pheromones are working fine."

Veronica looked at the wet spot on Christy's jeans, and at the glimpse of the head of Chad's cock peeking just over his belt.  She smiled a little bit, and licked her lips.

Then she sighed, and her shoulders slumped.  Her four thin, rainbow-shiny wings stopped fluttering, and drooped a bit, mirrored by the two chitinous black antennae sprouting from her forehead; and her lips turned down into a pout.  "But you were supposed to be all *afraid*!  Terrified of my now-alien body but unable to stop yourselves from obeying my every command anyway.  You can go ahead and take those clothes off now, by the way," she waved a hand dispiritedly at the couple, who immediately began to methodically and eagerly disrobe, while Veronica paced about their living room, continuing her grumpy tirade.  "Anyway then I was going to finally take you both, you know, like I've been jilling off thinking about every other night for years now, and you'd be helpless to resist succumbing to my wicked whims, and I'd have my revenge on you for flaunting yourselves in front of me.  You know?  Only it's not as much fun if you're not *scared*."

"Ummmmm..."  Christy began.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake.  Now what?" Veronica snapped, her multifaceted eyes still managing to look impatient beneath her stark black eyebrows.

"We've... always had the hots for you."  Christy, her tall voluptuous body now completely naked, ducked her head and looked up sheepishly.

"Yeah," said Chad, stepping out of his jeans and underwear.  "You were number one on the list of people we wanted to take home to bed, only we didn't think you'd, um..." his voice rapidly lost volume as Veronica's furious gaze turned to him, "go... for... it...?"

"Aaaaargh!" yelled Veronica, pulling up her black miniskirt and viciously stinging the armchair to death with the pointy end of the extended abdomen thus revealed.  "You mean I didn't need to let alien insects infect me with their DNA at all, I could have just said 'nice boots?!?'"

"Um.... yep," muttered Chad very quietly, wide-eyed.

The armchair began to quietly dissolve in the conversational silence, starting from the holes Veronica's stinger had made.

"Well," Veronica finally managed, in a calmer voice.  "I live to perpetuate the Hive now, so of course I'm glad it worked out that way.  But I think my past self might have made different choices."

She began steadily removing her own clothing, accompanied by suppressed moans and gasps from Chad and Christie as her naked body, with a few added insect parts but still basically that of a gorgeous 22-year-old woman, was revealed.

"And maybe I can get out my frustrations in some sense of revenge after all, for the wasted time when we all could have been fucking instead of watching anime together.  Of course you two are going to live to perpetuate the Hive too, soon enough.  Christy, you lie down here," Veronica waved imperiously at the still-intact couch, "and spread open your cunt for my ovipositor.  Chad, you're going to fuck me from behind while I'm fucking your girlfriend, and I'll leave it up to you to figure out how to avoid my stinger and the horribly painful death it will cause you if you don't.  Soon you'll be a drone, with an even longer cock than that magnificent one you've got there--" she put a hand on Chad's rock-hard member, eliciting an incredulous, needy moan from him, as she continued in a dreamy reverie, "did you know I snuck a peek at the two of you once when Christy was going down on you in the library when you both thought I'd fallen asleep in front of the TV?  I think I memorized every detail of what you look like hard from that one glimpse, it was an image I kept calling to mind for a long time, let me tell you.  And now you're going to put it in me... and soon you'll only exist to fuck me.  And Christy, you'll be a bee girl like me, and both of you will be immune to my venom... but for now, Chad, you'd better not get stung, huh?"  Veronica released Chad's cock and turned to Christy, sitting on the couch with her legs spread invitingly.  "Now Christy, look into my eyes," and the rainbow colors in Veronica's multifaced eyes began spinning and pulsing in an irresistibly eye-catching pattern, as she leaned forward and the long insectoid tube descending from Veronica's abdomen slipped into Christy's wet pussy, "while I tell you some things that your subconscious mind is going to remember to do now even when you're out of the range of my pheromones..."