Gently Bitten

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Pine Bough

"Will that grow... inside me?"  Giselle looked dubiously at the thick wood sprouting from between the tree-spirit's legs.  It was smooth-surfaced, but gnarled, not a straight shaft but a branch that bent this way and that as it grew, lengthening before her eyes.
But the sweet scent of those flowers was still in the air, heady aromas of perfume and come, and every breath already teased deep places inside her that ached to be touched more.  Her breath came in little gasps.  She had already lifted her skirt up and pulled her underwear aside, and they both could see how wet she was.  She was going to take his strange faerie cock inside her, and she knew he could see it in her eyes.  She was just looking for reassurance.
"Yes, but only in good ways," he said, his strange brown eyes looking deeply into hers, an eager teasing smile on his face.  "You'll like it."  He scooted forward on the rock they were both sitting on in the dappled shade of the forest, and the rounded tip of his member just bumped inside between her nether lips, and she gasped more deeply.
"Yes, ohhhh yes please," she breathed, and he came forward, thrusting all the way inside her.
In a confusing tumble of arms and legs that somehow kept them from a hard jolt, they slipped off the rock and onto the soft forest floor, and he was on top between her legs and she could *feel* his cock moving and changing inside of her.  She imagined him growing roots inside of her, down into the forest floor through her body, invading her more deeply with every twitch and turn.  She thought it should be a scary image, but it felt sexy-- she felt earthy, fertile as a plowed field... she laughed at the agricultural metaphors but the laugh turned into a deeper moan as she felt him touch some intense spot very deep inside of her...
And then something was off, she couldn't get quite the stimulation she wanted.  She wanted to pull back and feel him enter her again, but as she shifted her hips, he came with her, his cock staying inside.  She pulled harder, but it felt like he was *attached* to her, it almost *hurt* deep inside her.
"What?" she said, starting to panic a little.  "What's happening?"  She pulled harder, hurt more.  It was a *good* hurt, but scary, trapped feeling.
"It's called a knot," he said, still smiling, but with a little growl in his voice now.  "Dogs' cocks have them, but trees have knots too.  It keeps us together until... well, until I get soft again.  Until I'm done coming."
"When will you be done coming?" she said frantically, looking up at him, still pulling her hips deliciously but compulsively against that solid ache inside her.
"Well, you know how trees are.  Spring is the fertile season, right now.  I'll be done by summer."
"A couple of *months*?!"  Now she was in near-panic.  She twisted and turned and somehow got flipped around, on her hands and knees with his cock still inside her from behind.  Still stuck on that delicious ache that hurt more wonderfully with every tug as she yanked her body away, threw her weight forward, scrabbled on all fours to get free.  His roots were deeply inside her now, still growing bigger, and she felt something, some other piece, brush the front of her clit as she thrashed.  She wasn't sure if she was thrashing to get away or to make the sensation stronger, but she couldn't control it now, and as she felt another root probing into her ass, she started coming, tears streaming down her cheeks as she strained and shook.  It was too much.  He was too big.  He was all inside her and all through her now, slipping into her everywhere, and her body was still shuddering as she pulled with the last of her strength and yelled into the bright forest afternoon, a yell that shook the leaves on all the trees and sent birds fleeing in flocks from the branches.
She collapsed, sobbing uncontrollably, not even noticing at first when he shrank and slipped out of her and wrapped his body around hers, whispering sweet words in her ears as he held her firmly and comfortingly to the ground.  A syrupy sap dripped out from between her legs, sticky and sweet-smelling.