Gently Bitten

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Phase 7

[This was a fun writing exercise with Margotized; it was her initial idea, and we alternated sentences...]


Every time she blinked, she could swear something else changed, but before she could figure out where that unease came from, she would blink again. Laurie took a breath, and settled down in her chair, and resolved to focus completely on the screen.  after all, the not-quite-right feelings had started when the screen started pulsing, so maybe with a bit more scrutiny she could *blink* really start to enjoy herself.

She opened the next folder of images.

The folder's title of "Phase 2" summoned a feeling in her mind, but for some reason it was hard to distinguish between a sense of foreboding and a sense of delightful anticipation.  The images were of the same girls, but these pictures were a little bit more risque. She giggled to herself in the back of her thoughts, noticing that all the girls in the photos clearly weren't practiced at posing for internet smut, since every one was staring not at the camera, but slightly below, like they were more interested in their computer screen than looking realistic.

Laurie was pretty sure she could do better.

If she liked the idea of being a subject for such things, which was an idea would never *blink* had never crossed her mind before.  For a moment, she thought it would be weird to take revealing pictures of herself on her friend's computer, anyway, since she really shouldn't even be poking around on it while her friend was in class.

But she was getting tired of everyone saying Rosie was the sexy one.

Before she could think about it too hard, *blink* Laurie was beginning to unbutton her shirt.  *Blink* she must have gotten the idea from that picture of Rosie looking like all the other girls, shirts half unbuttoned, one side of the shirt falling off the shoulder, gaze completely missing the camera and focused on something else... *blink* well she'd certainly show Rosie how it was done.

Laurie realized that part of what was so appealing about the photos-- what was so sexy, what made her really want to *be* one of the girls in the pictures-- was the blank, faraway look in the girls' eyes, as if their minds were completely, blissfully empty.  "Blank" was a nice word. It was a lot like "blink" which *blink* she remembered thinking about a little bit ago, before *blink* she realized that blank could be sexy and *blink* how sexy Rosie looked.

Laurie blinked.  She was in exactly the same pose as in the pictures, showing exactly the same amount of skin.  It felt nice.  Now she just had to figure out how *click* her finger hit the mouse button, unbidden, and there she was on the screen, shirt half-off, cleavage showing, and her eyes missing the camera and gazing emptily at whatever was below it.

Laurie felt proud of how sexy she looked.  *Blink* But somehow she had opened the third folder now.

Exploring some of the pictures, a thought occured to her: "Wow, I don't think I own any underwear like that. How much does something sexy like that cost?"  It was a distracting thought *blink* but the cost didn't seem as important as how *good* it looked on the women in the pictures.

She was knocked for a loop when she arrived at Rosie's picture. The black lacey thing she had on almost rivaled the distant and empty look on Rosie's face for sheer sex appeal.

Laurie realized that the underwear in the picture, or another piece like it, was probably in Rosie's underwear drawer, just a few feet away, right now.  It might be worth it to just look and *blink* the underwear drawer was open, and suddenly Laurie was wearing the same black ensemble and it felt sooo damn good.

She needed to see what it looked like on her in the new pose.

When she switched back to the webcam program (back? when was it opened up?) she knew that she looked sexier right now than she had ever looked before.  She thought she'd take a moment to enjoy how hot she looked *blink* but somehow she had already opened up Phase 4.

"Oh my God!" she thought as the pictures came up "These girls are just exposing their breasts! How could *blink* they be so so sexy?!?"  Eagerly now, she unhooked her bra and tossed it aside, and leaned forward to try to show her chest off to best advantage for the camera.  Mmmmm, that was perfect, if she just arched her back like that and thought about how hot she *click* her finger hit the mouse button again and there she was on the screen, hotter than she ever thought possible.

As she shifted in her seat *blink* she realized that one of her hands had drifted down between her legs, idly teasing just around the edge of the barely-there thong that she'd borrowed from Rosie's drawer *blink* and with a catch of her breath, she wondered if the next pose would have her doing that for real.

The thought thrilled her as she opened up Phase 5 and that tingling feeling spiked as she saw that every girl was teasing herself, but they were all gloriously naked and looked even blanker than before.  *blink* Blank.  Blink.


Blink. Rub. Blank. Sexy. Blink. Naked. Blank. Click. Blink. Phase 6. Blank. Spiral. Blink. Watch. Blank. Watch. Blink. ... Blink. ... Blink. ...

Some time passed.  The key turned in the lock, and Rosie entered her room to see her friend Laurie sitting naked in front of Rosie's computer, legs spread wide to either side of the desk, four fingers deep inside herself.  Her face was beautifully happy, and gloriously empty of thought or will.

Laurie was dimly aware of Rosie's voice; she was giggling *blink* no, she was telling her something... something sexy... *blink* no, she was talking to someone... someone else? maybe the phone? *blink* no, Rosie wasn't talking, Rosie was moaning... next to her... sexy... right there with Laurie... *blink*

The key turned in the lock again, but neither girl heard it.  *blink* They would only hear a very specific command, the words they were waiting for *blink* that it was *so* sexy to wait for *blink* that they could only moan and touch and feel even *better* as they waited for *blink* the command that they would always irresistibly obey now...


Laurie woke up the next morning. Wouldn't it be sexy to see if she could get Anne to look at the pictures?