Gently Bitten

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And To All A Good Night

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...


This really was my favorite part of the party.  Guests slumped over on the sofa, in the armchair by the fire, on the floor over against the wall.  Poor dears.  They were *so* sleepy.


Especially after they asked me to tell them a story.

I took out my roll of red satin ribbon, and some tape.

"You're a beautiful present, ready to be wrapped, sleeping under the tree," I murmured to my guests, as I knelt beside one and then the next.  "You can feel the ribbon wrapping you up, reminding you that you're a present, a gift, a toy for someone else to play with.  It fills you with joy, to be a toy.  It excites you to know that you'll do whatever you're told.  It's the sexiest thing you can think of.  And that feeling is centered so deliciously in the ribbon around your neck.  As long as you can feel that ribbon, that wrapping, you know that you are a toy.  This feeling..."  I drew my finger slowly around Debby's neck, loving the way her nipples stiffened as she gasped, beautiful eyes still tightly closed, "reminds you that you are a gift, waiting to be opened."

I taped the ribbon around Debby's neck where my finger had traced, and then stuck a bow to the front.  Perfect.

I moved on to her boyfriend Tom.

"As long as you feel this ribbon around your neck, you are *so* horny and aroused, and pliable, and obedient.  And willing.  So very willing.  And so, so sleepy..."  Tom sighed, and snuggled deeper into the sofa.  Such a good boy.

I made quick work of them all, reminding them again and again how biddable and giving they felt, how sexy and desirable and aroused, as long as those ribbons were around their necks.  How everything was a dream, a drowsy Christmas dream.

I took one long look at them there, slumbering where they'd fallen, pleased with my handiwork.  They did always say how much they loved my voice.  Some of them even knew why.

I left the room to get some thick blankets, and came back to spread them under and in front of my Christmas tree.

"Now, it's time to leave you wrapped just right.  Nothing but wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows for my presents-- those store boxes and bags can come right off, I'll take care of them.  Right now, you can drowsily sleepily slowly take off everything you're wearing that isn't a ribbon or a bow.  That's right, just unsnap that, unbutton there-- yes, good girl.  And slip those off... Just like that.  That feels *so* much better..."

They weren't exactly playing it up for show, but I still enjoyed watching my guests undress for me, until they were completely naked, wearing nothing but the ribbons around their necks, and the bows I'd put on them.  The red was a nice color in this light.

"Now, as you feel my hand touch you, you can follow my lead, coming right over here to lie underneath the Christmas tree like a proper gift.  That's right.  Here you go, just gently stand, that's right, I've got you.  And lie down here, yes.  Mmm, that's a nice warm thigh to rest your head against, isn't it?  While the cat's away, the mice will play, and the presents can play under the tree too, in the middle of a dreamy Christmas night-- yes, that's a *wonderful* place for your mouth to go, isn't it?  Those sexy moans mean you're doing it just right.  And now you, that's right..."

I hadn't really meant to start a Christmas orgy right then.  I thought maybe they'd wake up, off and on... anyway I wasn't sure they'd keep going, either, they couldn't really remember what they were doing for too long.  But Debby had somehow gotten her lips on Tom's cock, and she knew *exactly* what to do with that.  And Debby's big toe was in Cara's mouth now, and...

Well.  I was sure they'd figure it out.

I looped my fingers through the ribbon around Ben's neck.  "And you.  Stand up straight and tall now, and follow my lead, wherever I lead, you're so willing to be led.  Let me lead you astray now..."

I led Ben, naked and stiffening and wrapped in a ribbon and bow, out of the living room and towards my bed.  Time to unwrap *my* present.

Ho, ho, ho...