Gently Bitten

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Job Well Done

[This story evolved out of a hot fantasy inspired by some things Lee Allure has done and talked about with me. :)  And *that* inspired her to make a ridiculously sexy recording!  Check it out.]


"That sounds pretty hot, doesn't it?  It's really sexy to imagine doing that for me, isn't it?"

"Yes!" I said without thinking.

Then I thought.  But it still sounded hot.  Damn it.

She had told me, under hypnosis, that whenever she phrased a question that way, I would agree with her.  Sincerely, honestly, entirely agree.  And I *did*, damn it.  I couldn't remember what I'd thought about the idea before she asked.  But now I was getting hard just thinking about it.

I was getting turned on thinking about mowing her lawn.

It seemed silly.  But I was almost squirming in my seat imagining it.

"I have this deal, with one of my submissives.  I see you're imagining what it would be like to be him, aren't you?  He comes over and mows my lawn... he can't ever seem to keep his shirt on while he's doing it, he's not sure why, but it always feels too hot and sweaty and he has to take it off... and then when he's done, he tells me he's finished and waits for my approval."

I *was* imagining being him, building the scene in my head.  I knew she must have given him a posthypnotic suggestion to do the job shirtless, had probably even made it impossible for him to remember that she'd said it, but I could feel how inescapable that compulsion would be, nothing would feel quite right until he'd taken his shirt off to do the job.  And then do it, and come respectfully to wait for her evaluation.

"Sometimes I go out and look it over.  Sometimes I just glance out the window, or I'm not even home and he calls me on my cell phone to let me know it's done.  But if I'm pleased-- and he *really* wants to please me-- I tell him, 'Good Job.'  And those words, 'Good Job,' are part of an explicit, conscious agreement between us... but they're also a signal to his subconscious as well.  You can feel how the words 'Good Job' can be a powerful posthypnotic trigger, can't you?"

Wordlessly, I nodded.  The words really did seem tinged with subliminal meaning.

"What the words 'Good Job' mean is that he's allowed to come inside the house, go into the bathroom, close the door, and pleasure himself while thinking about how good it feels to do things for me.  And he always forgets this part too, but just as he orgasms he realizes that by coming for me, he's given me a little bit more control over his subconscious mind, trained himself a little more thoroughly to want to please me."

I realized I was unconsciously squeezing my legs together.  I really wanted to reach down and put my hand there.  Imagining... her saying 'Good Job' and knowing that meant I could...

"He also realizes that he really wants to lick his hand clean afterwards, to eat all of the come that he's spewed for me.  You can taste what that desire is like, can't you?  It tastes delicious.  He *loves* the taste, and loves it more every time.  And he *wants* it more each time, but he can only do this with my permission, after doing a good job at something.  That knowledge really works deep into his subconscious mind... you can feel that, can't you?  It's a powerful incentive, driving a desire to do a very good job for me.  For me, the phrase 'Good Job' is akin to 'Orgasm Now,' isn't it?"

I gasped.  As intently as I'd been listening, I felt like I'd lost track of the conversation somehow.  And also like something had just happened; something intense, and important.  While I was daydreaming about...

"You look like you'd like to ask me something.  Is that right?"

I realized that I did.  "I..." I stopped, blushing.

She opened her eyes wide, giving me her full attention.  "Yes?"

"Do you think..." I blushed more deeply.  It was silly.

"Go on.  I can see you're having trouble saying it, but I'm sure it will be worth the effort when you get it off your chest."

"Could I try that sometime?"

She smiled, triumphantly.  "Good job," she said.