Gently Bitten

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Psi Corps Is For Lovers

"You should major in Telepathy," the taller girl told Tanya with a smirk, "Because Telepathy majors get laid more.  Everyone knows that Telepaths make the best lovers."

Telepathy was Tanya's best psi subject anyway; it was what had convinced her to apply to the Psi Academy.  And what had made her very confused parents and friends happy to see her leave for it.  It was such a relief to be around others whose experiences were like hers!  "What, because we can share senses?" Tanya replied excitedly.  "Sense what feels good for other people and keep doing it, or make them feel how it feels for us?"

The two older students looked at each other for a moment in confusion.  "No, because one of the unofficial duties of the Telepathy majors group is to beam that suggestion into everyone's heads subliminally, all across campus: 'Telepaths make the best lovers,'" the seniormost one finally said.

"It really pays off in the dating scene," the other girl put in.

"Oh," Tanya said, looking disappointed.

"What did you mean about sharing senses?"

Tanya smiled and met her eyes, felt for the connection, and then slid a hand inside her own waistband.  When Tanya's finger slipped between her own pussy lips, the older girl gasped.  "Best if I show you," Tanya said, and began to move her fingers...