Gently Bitten

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Dick Moves

It's like two steps to the side, three steps forward.

No, that's knights.  One tapping step and then a lunge?  Thrusting deeply inside, and then pulling slowly back, slipping the delicate tip gently against the tight opening of flesh with an indrawn breath...

No, that's fencing, rapier, ballestra or something.

Five quick strokes and then a long squeeze?

"Having trouble?"

"No, Dan, everything is going just fine."  Just a step to the left and then a jump to the right?

"Are you sure?  You look a little bit confused."

"I'm fine, Dan."   More lube on the belly?  Maybe lube in the hair?

"I could give you some pointers if you like.  I'm pretty sure your hand is supposed to go around the shaft."

Hand *around* the shaft.  Ah-ha!  And then pull back on the stick to gain altitude, push it forward to dive... no...  "I can figure it out myself this time, Dan!"

"Oo-kay.  I'll just watch, then.  And snicker a little."

Maybe the other hand goes... Dammit!  "You know, Dan, hypnotizing your boyfriend to be unable to remember how to masturbate without your instructions?  *That* is a *real* dick move."