Gently Bitten

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"You said you wanted to have sex with someone without knowing her name."  She grinned impishly.

"Yes, but..."

"And you said just not being able to remember it would be almost as good as never having learned it."

"Yeah, but what I had in mind was still a bit more..."

"It's on the tip of your tongue, isn't it?  But it just keeps slipping off when you try to say it, so slippery, like all the other slippery places your tongue's been tonight..."

His face reddened, and he swallowed, remembering.

"Your tongue just slips back there, and you're salivating for the taste of me, and now that's all you can think about, whenever you try to remember my name, isn't it?"

He swallowed again, and nodded, face completely red.

"The taste of me is what you think of when you try to think of my name.  It's all right.  I know you can't help forgetting my name, because I told you to when I hypnotized you, and you're such a good boy for me now, always doing whatever I tell you.  Just like last night.  Was it the best you ever had?  Did it make you feel like a rock star?"

"Actually, it *was* the best I ever had.  But--"

"I know.  And it will be even better next time."

"I-- oh.  Oh!"  His expression changed, clearly thinking about what "even better" would mean.

"But we'll have to come up with *something* for you to call me.  How about... Mistress?"