Gently Bitten

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No Means No

"Are you actually saying no to me?"

"I… I mean, I'm really sorry, but I'm feeling sort of like crap and I have to get up super early tomorrow morning and…"

"Do you have any idea how hot that is?"

That was when I made the mistake of meeting her eyes.

It's too easy to get lost in Meg's eyes, like a brown forest that goes on forever, warm inviting pools with no bottom. I think those were her own words about her eyes once, actually, but it's hard to remember for sure, what are things she said and what are things I think.

"Say it again," she said.

"Um… I'm sorry but I'm feeling sort of like crap and--" I started, uncertainly.

"No, just the 'no' part."  There was a wicked gleam in her eyes.

"No?" I tried.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she gasped.  Her eyes closed, briefly, and she actually squeezed her legs together and ground her hips.  When her eyes opened again, the wicked gleam was a lot stronger.  "Say it again.  More definitely this time," she told me.

"No," I said.

She actually moaned.  Her eyes didn't close, but kept mine prisoner the whole time.  "Can you feel that?" she whispered.  "Can you feel how sexy that is, how much of a turn-on it is when you say no to me?  Again."

"No," I said again, feeling my face getting warm.

Her eyes flicked downward, then back up to mine. "It's already making you hard," she said.

I could feel that she was right.  Though her saying that would have made me hard no matter what anyway.  I always get hard for Meg.  I always *want* to get hard for Meg, but I think she also has some sort of posthypnotic trigger she uses on me.  I used to know what it was, but she made me forget.  But it always works.

"It feels really fucking sexy to say no to me, doesn't it?" she said, eyes still on mine, that slightly-cruel expression creeping into her face along with her ever-growing smile.

"No," I replied.  My whole body shuddered.

"I want to fuck you.  Tell me no," she commanded.

"No," I said.  My knees half-buckled and I gasped.

"You can barely stand it, it's so good.  Your cock is so hard it's painful.  You'd better take it out just to keep from hurting yourself.  Tell me no again."

"No.  Ohhhh," I groaned.  I hastily unzipped my fly and unbuckled my pants, pulling my full erection out for her to see.  There's always something electric about showing her my hard cock, letting her see what she's doing to me, like I'm admitting to her that I can't control myself.

"No," she said, drawing it out, holding my eyes and shaking her head from side to side.

I shook my head in unison with her.  "No," I said.  "Nnnnnngh."

"Uh-huh," she said.  "God, that's so good, isn't it?  If you're going to keep saying no to me you're going to have to get yourself off just to take the edge off.  Don't you want to come for me?"

"No!" I said.  "Oh God.  No, I don't want to come for you.  Oh Jesus."  I wrapped my right hand around my cock and started sliding the skin up and down, rubbing gently over the front of the tip.  She was right-- I was rock hard, and getting closer and closer already.

"God, I love it when you do that," she said, pulling her skirt up.  Her underwear was already soaked, a big darker wet spot on the front of her black panties.  She slipped them down and spread her inner lips apart with two fingers, opening her legs to let me see as she captured her clit between her fingers and teased it in little circles. "Tell me no some more."

"No!" I said again. "No!  No!  Ohhhhhgod."  I was stroking faster and faster.

She brought one hand up from between her legs, finger extended, drawing my gaze back up to her eyes.  "Now come over here and fuck me," she said.

I actually tried to hold back.  I'm not even sure why-- by then I desperately needed to come, and any hope of going to bed early or *not* getting off right then and there was long gone.  And I wanted it; I wanted it so much.  But I tried to fight it, tried to stay still leaning against the desk.

Knowing it was futile.  She held out her hand and beckoned to me with her finger; and with each curl of her finger, my body jerked forward.  I didn't remember that being one of her posthypnotic suggestions to me, but then I didn't usually remember them, just what happened later when she used them.

I scooted forward, slowly and jerkily, until we were toe-to-toe and my cock was directly in front of her spread-open pussy, though pointing a bit higher.

She reached down and wrapped her own hand around my shaft; licked her lips; and looked into my eyes again.  "Now, what do we say?" she asked.

I stared into her eyes for a long moment, breathing raggedly.  Finally I replied-- "I don't consent."

"Good boy," she husked.  And took me inside her.

She let me come three times before she was done with me.  I lost track of how many times she came.  I only got a few hours' sleep.  In the morning my cold had settled in in earnest; I called in sick.  The cold took a week to go away.

Maybe because I kept telling her I was too sick to fuck.

I drank a *lot* of fluids.