Gently Bitten

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Practical Joke

"I've been hypnotized to say this," she whispered in his ear, "and saying this makes me go deeper into trance."

Mark blinked, and started to pull back a little to look into Karen's face, fighting through the dizzy dreaminess of his own trance.  He was always deeply hypnotized when his cock was inside Karen.  She'd been conditioning him for weeks, ever since her friend Nikki taught her hypnosis and they used him as a practice subject.  And pulling back to look her in the eyes made him very aware of his cock sliding inside her very wet cunt, back out of her a little, and he was always deeply hypnotized when his cock was inside Karen…

"You're hypnotized to hear this," Karen whispered, "and saying this makes you go deeper into trance."

The world went fuzzy again.  Everything was just right.  Mark was always deeply hypnotized when his cock was inside Karen.  Even when her face had that same blank look that he had when he was deeply hypnotized.

"Nikki's cunt is better than mine," Karen whispered.  "And saying this makes us go deeper into trance."  For a moment, at the mention of Nikki's cunt, a confused look started to swim to the surface of Mark's and Karen's eyes.  But then it faded again as they both went deeper into trance.

"Nikki's cunt is better than mine," Karen recited, "And thinking about it makes us go deeper into trance."

Mark slipped into the rhythm he always fell into while fucking Karen, deep in trance.

"Nikki's cunt is better than mine," Karen whispered, starting to moan a little.  "You're thinking about Nikki's cunt right now.  What it would feel like to be inside Nikki's cunt.  So deep.  So warm and wet and tight and deep.  Deeper with every thrust, Mark.  Deep inside Nikki's cunt.  You can't stop thinking about Nikki's cunt.  You're always thinking about Nikki's cunt, Mark.  Always thinking about Nikki's cunt, Mark. Nikki's cunt is even better than mine.  Ohhhhhhhh…"

Karen's head was thrown back now and her body bucked up into Mark's, straining to get his cock as far inside her as possible.  She reached a hand around his back to pull his buttocks down into her, yanking hard every time he thrust forward.

Inside Mark's mind, a picture formed of Karen's engorged wet labia as they usually looked just before he put his tongue between them.  He tried to imagine them looking even wetter, sexier, prettier, somehow more vivid and compelling, associating that idea with Nikki's Cunt.  He thought of Nikki's face, the slightly sly look she often had.  She had always made him a little bit nervous; he felt much more comfortable with Karen.  But now he realized that being inside her cunt would be *incredible*.  Nikki's Cunt.

"Nikki's cunt is better than mine.  Ohh good.  Nikki's cunt is better than mine.  Aahhhhhhh!  Nikki's cunt is better than mine!  OhgodMarkyessss!  OHHHHHH!"

Karen coming was the best feeling Mark could imagine.  He always waited until she came and that set him off immediately, and he came hard, yelling incoherently.  And thinking about Nikki's Cunt.

Karen recovered faster, her blissful look turning to confusion, then horrified annoyance, while Mark was still swimming in euphoria and trying to remember where all the parts of his body were.  Steps sounded outside the bedroom door.

"Well, *somebody*'s having a good morning," came Nikki's voice from the doorway.

"God DAMN it!  Do you have to steal *all* my toys?" yelled Karen.  She tossed a pillow at the doorway, but Nikki stepped aside.

"Now, now," purred Nikki.  She pulled her silk bathrobe aside.  There was nothing underneath.  But Nikki's Cunt.  "See anything you like?"

Karen's next angry yell died in her throat as she swallowed and licked her lips, gaze locked between her roommate's legs.  "Nikki's cunt is better than mine," she whispered, eyes glazing over again.  Mark, not yet entirely out of trance, turned slowly as if in a dream, his eyes immediately going to the same place Karen's had, his mind dropping down once more.

"That's right.  Good girl.  Good boy…"