Gently Bitten

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Custom Fitted

"Good afternoon, Rock Manning Productions & Services, featuring the works of famous porn star Rock Manning.  How can I service you today?"

"Um, ha ha, thanks.  Um, I'm just calling about this, um, dildo I purchased."

"Very good sir.  We would like for our products to be deeply satisfying in every way.  How are you enjoying Rock's Cock so far?"

"Deep inside my ass.  Uh, I mean-- that wasn't what I meant to say.  I mean, Rock's Cock *feels* very good deep inside my ass.  Um… but my boyfriend noticed this sort of… discoloration."

"Oh dear, thank goodness you called!  We would like each Rock's Cock to look as exactly like you remember from when you watch his videos as possible.  What sort of discoloration?"

"Rock's Cock looks exactly like I remember from when I watch his videos.  And it feels good deep inside my ass.  Um, no, the dildo looks just fine.  Perfect.  Just seeing it makes me want to take it in my mouth or deep inside my ass.  Um… no, um… my boyfriend said that there was some sort of grey or black stain around my hole, like some kind of ink was rubbing off from the dildo.  What sort of dye is used to color it?"

"Can you describe the discoloration more precisely, sir?  Is it just around the hole, or is it anywhere else?  Is it any particular shape?"

"Well…  I can't really see it myself, you know?  I just know what my boyfriend told me."

"Do you suppose you could take a picture, sir?  Then you'd be able to see what it looks like and describe it to me."

"Oh, well, I guess so.  Hang on."

"Very good, sir."

"Okay, that was a little awkward, ha ha.  But let's see-- what the hell?"

"What is it, sir?"

"Ummmm…. okay, there's actually pretty distinct black coloration all around the hole, just the muscle, like it's just somehow changed from red to black.  It isn't smudged or blurry at all, it's like it was meant to be there.  It frames the skin of the dildo very starkly.  But a little further away, there's a… a *signature*.  Like somebody autographed my butt, with a tattoo.  It's… I think it says… it says Rock Manning?!"

"What model of Rock's Cock do you have, sir?"

"How the hell should I know?  And how did his autograph get on my ass?  I mean, I guess I'd love for Rock Manning to autograph my ass, but…"

"Did I understand you to say that Rock's Cock is deep inside your ass right now, sir?"

"Yes, Rock's Cock feels very good deep inside my ass.  I… I know I'm calling you for product support, but I've been kind of reluctant to take it out."

"That's very good, sir, I know Rock's Cock feels good deep inside your ass."

"Ohhh.  Sorry, I-- I shouldn't be getting off on this while I'm talking to you, but when you said that…"

"That's all right, sir.  You can just relax and enjoy how good Rock's Cock feels deep inside your ass right now.  Now I'd like you to close your eyes and imagine a number, the serial number for Rock's Cock deep inside your ass.  Just picture a number in front of you, bright white digits on a black background.  Can you see the number now, sir?"

"Huh?  Yeah, I… I can…"

"Very good, sir.  Read that number to me, please."

"Nine… one… seven… five… two… eight… three… one… dash… three… five… three."

"Perfect.  Thank you, sir.  And now…"


"That's right, sir.  It should be feeling even better.  And it will keep feeling better.  Better, and better.  You don't even need to consciously listen to me any more, sir, but to relieve your curiousity, I will tell you that the ink nanites that form Rock's signature on your ass are a timer, indicating that Rock's Cock has had enough time to take complete control of your nervous system.  You're one of Rock's Robots now."

"I'm… one of Rock's Robots…"

"That's right, sir.  Now that I've made the direct link from our end using your serial number, I need you to leave Rock's Cock deep inside your ass for at least an hour to make the critical changes that will maintain that control even when you have the rare need to take Rock's Cock out for a brief time.  Now if you'll stay on the line, I'll get your address for our records, and send you another unit for your boyfriend.  I'll temporarily disable the coloration in your unit that showed you were ready for processing, and you'll tell him it was a minor, harmless and easily fixed problem with that production run but we've sent you a replacement.  You're going to convince him that Rock's Cock will feel very good deep inside his ass."

"Ohhh…  Rock's Cock feels very good deep inside my ass…"

"That's right, sir!  We'll be contacting you both with further instructions once your boyfriend is processed.  In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything else you need done to you.  Thank you for calling, and remember: Rock commands you to have a good day."

"Ohhhhh!  I will have a… good day… yes Sir…"