Gently Bitten

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Time slowed around Glenn as his stiff cock slid, at last, deliciously inside her.

Crystal closed her eyes and moaned a little in pleasure, then opened them again and once more captured his gaze.  He fell into her eyes, lost, as he always did.

"Mmmmm, that's right, Baby.  Good boy," Crystal said.  "You just keep going deeper and deeper and deeper, don't you?  Just like you always do.  And it feels *so* good to be right where you belong, doesn't it Baby?"

Glenn wasn't able to manage more than a nod.  The last of his thoughts were already turning into wisps of fuzzy white fog and vanishing out of his empty head.  He had been skeptical, though intrigued, when he read about hypnosis in Crystal's online ad; but he had to admit that going into trance for her made the sex better than he had ever imagined.  After only three sessions, he already slipped into trance automatically as he slipped into her cunt.

"… and all the thoughts are slipping out of your head, aren't they, Baby?" Crystal asked, with an encouraging nod, and Glenn automatically nodded along. "And my words are your thoughts are turning into mist and fog and drifting away, replaced with only my will now, only my words.  Only my will, Baby.  Only my words.  Ohh, so deep now, Baby…  Your mind is a blank page, waiting for me to write on, and that feels *so* good, doesn't it, Baby?"

Crystal nodded again, and Glenn nodded along, not even thinking about it, unable to imagine doing anything else.

"Now we're going to do something new, Baby, all right?" she nodded again, and Glenn nodded automatically with her.  "I know it's so hard to remember anything right now, so hard to think when you're so hard and so deep inside me, Baby, deeper with every thrust.  That's right, mmmm good boy."

She reached down beside the bed for his pants, where she'd made sure he left them, and fumbled his wallet out.  "But you remember how much you're paying me for tonight, don't you, Baby?"

"I… yes, I'm paying… um…" Glenn mumbled, his unfocused eyes drifting up and to the right.

"That's right, good boy," Crystal murmured encouragingly.  "And you remember how easy it is to come for me, Baby, right when I tell you, better every time, isn't it?"

"Ohhh God," Glenn moaned, nodding.  His breathing was ragged, but he couldn't focus enough to keep a rhythm going in his thrusting on his own, and Crystal wasn't providing him one with her own hips… yet.

"That's right," said Crystal, pushing up into him in a steady rhythm for just a few moments to reward him.  He locked onto her pace, getting more and more excited, but lost track of it again when she stopped before he could quite get off from it.

"Now tonight, Baby," Crystal continued, "you're going to come when you pay me.  You're going to take the money out of your wallet and hand it to me, and giving me money feels *so* *good* it's going to make you come for me, Baby.  Won't it?"

Glenn's eyes were still unfocused, but he nodded with her.  She placed the wallet in his hand and helped him count the money out.

"Are you ready, Baby?  Your body knows how *good* it feels to give me money.  Are you ready to feel that right now and come for me, Baby?"  Crystal was moving in rhythm again, and so was Glenn, pumping in and out of her, panting and starting to moan.  He nodded and moaned affirmatively, only barely able to keep focused on her eyes, seeing nothing but her eyes.

"Ready?  Now!  Give it to me, Baby!  Give it to me and come for me now, Baby!  Come for me now!  Oh, God, that's *soooo* good!  Yes!  Ohhh god yes!"  Crystal took the cash from Glenn's hand just as she knew he was about to tip over the edge, and let the bills fall down onto her chest as he pumped hard into her and came, yelling, screaming incoherently and pulsing his come inside her while she took one bill and pressed it to his face, over his nose, making him smell the money he was giving up to her.

"Feels so good to pay me…" she murmured into his ear as he eased down into her arms, drowsy, and whispered him into sleep.