Gently Bitten

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Be Gentle

"So, um, what do I do, just stand here against the rack?"


The young man tossed back the last of his drink, looked around with a nervous chuckle for a place to set the cup, and stood in front of an enormous wooden X frame by one wall of the dungeon.

"Yes, that will do nicely.  And take off your shirt, please." The woman in the black silk teddy, leather corset, garters, and fishnet stockings picked up a pair of... implements, wooden handles with a lot of leather tails attached to them.  Floggers, she'd called them.  They seemed to be made as a matched set.  She swished them through the air in an elaborate pattern.

"Oh, right."  He started pulling it off over his head.  This whole... thing was not something Dan normally did.  But she had a bright, friendly smile that seemed disarming somehow.  ("It's to lure you into a false sense of security," she'd said cheerfully.  He'd laughed.  "See?  It's working.")

Also, he knew her by sight, at least, from his gym.  She didn't actually wear a *whole* lot more clothing there, so he'd been quietly lusting after her for a while.  They'd exchanged a few words.  He knew she had some sort of research job.  But he'd had no idea about this side of her until he wandered into this nightclub's "fetish night" on a whim, and saw her unchaining a woman from the rack and leading her gently to a seat, tenderly holding her, stroking her arms, and talking to her the whole time.  After the seated woman had a blanket and a drink, Dan had come up and asked, tentatively, what it was like.  Allison, the woman from his gym, offered to show him.

So now here he was, standing in front of this rack, waiting for her to beat him with whips and canes and floggers.  Go figure.

He swallowed, tasting the last of the electrolyte drink she'd given him to protect against dehydration during the scene in the harsh, dry club air.  He looked at her, and she gestured to him to turn around.  He heard her walking up behind him.

Gently, she guided his hands to places on the rack.  Then she softly stroked his back with the floggers.  "I'll begin in a moment," she said.   "Are you ready?"  He nodded.

And it started, a light rain of taps all over his back, almost all at once.  She'd said she'd practiced to be able to use two floggers at once because it was more fun for some people.  "That feels nice," he said.  "But it doesn't hurt especially."

"Mm-hm," she replied.  "I'm just warming you up.  It should feel like not very much at all at first.  Then it gets nicer."

After a moment, the taps became heavier, started feeling a bit like a massage.  He rested all his weight on the rack and let the sensation come.  As it got a little heavier still, he realized it was turning him on.

"It's kind of..." he mumbled, mostly concentrating on the feeling.


"Kind of sexy," he finished.

"Oh, I'm *so* glad to hear you say that," she replied, hitting just a little harder.   He nearly melted into it.

"How come?" he managed.

"Because it means you have a nice strong endorphin response.  I've seen you when you work out, and I thought you might.  But you getting turned on right now is a good sign."

She stopped for a moment, and he savored the tingly, melty feeling all over his back, that seemed to be spreading through the rest of his body.  He unconsciously pressed his crotch into the rack, just a little.

Then a line of fire appeared across his back.  She was standing next to him, speaking quietly in his ear.  "It's a side effect of the endorphins interacting with the drug that was in the drink I gave you."

Another line of fire.  A moment later, as his body relaxed, the pain turned into an intense feeling of pleasure, radiating out from the two lines.

"Without the endorphins, it's just a mild sedative.  But when I beat you..."

A third line of fire turning to pleasure across his back.  He thought he might be in love with her.

"Now every stroke of this cane makes my words, my voice, my commands more important to you."

A fourth line.

"I'm going to give you a command with every lash, now.  And these things I tell you, at the height of the drug's effect, will be completely irresistible facts for you."

A fifth.

"You will always associate this feeling-- this pleasure, this arousal, this need to obey-- with me..."