Gently Bitten

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Blind Date

"And how was the third date we've arranged for you here at HypnoDating, James?"

"It was wonderful! You were so right about the hypnosis allowing me to relax and enjoy myself and not worry about how things were going or whether she'd want to see me again. All three of my dates so far have been really fun and I'd gladly see any of those women again; but I know that I can trust you to handle those details for me, and I'm even more sure that I'll love spending time with whoever you pick for me next."

"That's good, James! That's *very* good. You're doing *so* well."

James's eyes momentarily closed at her praise, and a silly smile came briefly to his lips.

"Now I'd like you to think back over the evening, and remember if there were any points when you had to pause for a moment before remembering everything was fine?"

"Hm, let me think. When Tr..., um, when Ter... Tra..."

"It's all right that her name is already fading from your mind, James. That's perfectly normal. You can just say 'my date' if you like."

"Oh, right. Ok, when my date first opened the door to her apartment, when I picked her up, I could tell that she had just smoked a cigarette-- I could smell it on her breath. I really dislike that smell. But I realized after a moment that I would enjoy kissing her no matter what, if we wound up kissing, and I'd probably stop noticing the smell soon. And it was true; later when we... um, when we kissed, it was wonderful and I didn't notice anything to distract me from that at all."

"Mm-hm." She made a note on her pad and circled it: *determined nonsmoker-- change?* "That's good, James. Thank you for telling me."

He looked aside sheepishly. "You're welcome."

"Was there anything else?"


"It feels good to share these things with me, doesn't it James? And you feel so safe doing so, knowing how completely confidential the things you share with me are. You've entrusted a very important part of your life with me, and thinking about what a good choice that was must make it easier to open up even more, doesn't it? It's okay to tell me, James; I am very interested to hear *every* detail of your experience."

"Well... it's just... she reminded me of you." He blushed and looked down. "All three women have so far-- I keep wondering what it would be like to go out with you."

She allowed herself a smile while his eyes were looking down at the table. "I'm sorry, James. You know that isn't how we work."

"Yes, I know. I just keep thinking about it."

"It's all right, James. I'm very glad you told me. And flattered. Now, I think it's time for you to go into a trance for me again. Your eyes closing in three, two, one. Deep, deep trance for me now. And continuing to go deeper with every slow, easy breath in. Are you in a very deep trance for me, James?"

He breathed in very slowly, his whole chest inflating as he sat slumped in the chair with his head rolled to the side. Very faintly he breathed out "yes..."

"Very good, James. Now, this time when you come to my apartment and I open the door, you will know and see me as Suzanne. Five foot two, with short frizzy chestnut hair and beautiful brown eyes. Can you see Suzanne in your mind's eye now, James?"

"... yes..."