Gently Bitten

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Candy Is Dandy

"I think it's safe to say we've been drugged."

Agent Dover-- Gary to his friends, but everyone at the agency called him "Agent Ben" after a training-academy joke about his youthful good looks that had stuck-- blinked at the tabletop, which seemed to be zooming and receding as he watched.  "Noooooooo kidding."

"It isn't knocking us out, so it's got to be one of the new hypnotics."  Dr Miller-- Jen, which was just fine and not a joke, nobody made that kind of joke about her even though she was *so* pretty that-- Agent Ben caught himself, not a productive train of thought, he had to concentrate-- formed the words almost lovingly, as if she were talking about a favorite sexual position.  She scooted her chair closer to his and leaned towards him, with the serious expression of the very drunk.  "Whoever did this to us will be here soon, and we'll tell them *everything*.  Well," she blinked confusedly for a minute, "whatever it is we know."

Agent Ben thought about what he knew that someone might want to get out of him.  "I know about some breakthroughs in the... the investigation of..." He blinked.  "But no, shouldn't tell."

"But you *will* tell.  They'll get us both, everything we know.  Unless... supposed to be the only way to resist is to give in.  The new drugs.  If you can think about just *one* thought, and nothing else, the drug just makes that stronger and nothing can get into your mind.  Nobody can get you."  She scooted closer to him, slid a hand under his shirt.

"What are you doing?"  Agent Ben awkwardly pulled away, arms and legs not quite always doing what he told them to.

"I think... something in the drug they gave us... makes you really horny.  Nnngh!" she moaned.  "Because it's *impossible* to think about anything but" she came closer again and got her hand under his shirt again, pulled him towards her, "you inside of me.  Can't you imagine what that would feel like?  Ohhh, I need that so badly right now!  I always wanted you but now I can't resist and ohhhhh!"  She ground her hips against him, and he could feel every part of his body from his toes to his scalp responding all at once.

"It's impossible to resist, the only way to resist is to give in.  If all we think about is you inside me, we'll be safe. Can you do that for me?  Trust me to keep you safe.  Trust me."  She was clumsily unbuttoning his shirt while she talked, and half mumbling, but he was nodding and responding and helping her now, he'd always wanted her too-- everyone with a pulse wanted her, but she was so standoffish, but now he could be inside her and trust her...

"And the only thought in your head is that you trust me, you give yourself to me, so open, whatever I say is right, you'll be *my* 'Agent Ben Dover' and whenever *I* say 'Agent Ben Dover' you'll feel this feeling, how trusting me feels just like fucking and fucking me feels just like obeying, and obeying me feels just right, doesn't it Agent Ben Dover?"

He was too far gone to talk now, but she was pretty sure that the incoherent noises he was making were agreement.  This was the best side perk of these infiltration jobs, Dr Miller thought: the literally mind-blowing sex. Too bad he wouldn't remember it in the morning.  But *she* would, and could make it happen again...