Gently Bitten

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"I told you not to eat anything while you were there."


"I didn't think that counted."

"You didn't th... what, you thought 'I'll just go down on the hot fairy chick, that'll be harmless'?"

"Well... yeah.  And... she's really *awfully*..."

"Yeah, I can see that."  Marie looked at the fairy girl-- nymph, whatever she was-- lying in bed with them, making completely adorable sounds as she softly snored.  One corner of the sheet was tucked around one of her thighs, between her legs, but she was otherwise naked, uncovered, and she looked like every primal wet dream of every teenager in the history of the world.  If they hadn't been arguing, and scared, it would be all Marie could do to keep from touching herself, just looking at her.  It wasn't really surprising Trey hadn't been able to keep his lips off her.  But that didn't make it any less of a problem.

"At least they let you leave," she finally said.  "I was afraid they'd keep you in Faery.  But still, there seems to have been a price.  And I'm not happy about being booted from my bed by a magical creature."

"Hm?" murmurred the fairy girl, eyes fluttering open.  She yawned and stretched, unselfconsciously showing off her body to if possible even better advantage than when she'd been sprawled asleep.  Then her eyes happened on Trey, and her face lit up.  "Yay, my toy!"  She reached out a hand to caress his cheek softly, and kissed him on the temple.  His eyes rolled up in his head.

"Right here, toy," she said, patting the bed next to her.  Eyes still showing only whites, Trey climbed back into bed and lay next to her.  "Oh, without these," she said, tearing his briefs open and tossing them aside with a casual gesture.  "Mmmmm, much better."  She threw a leg over him, put a hand down, and with an impossibly graceful grind of her hips lowered herself onto his completely stiff cock. "Ohhhhhhhhh, yes."

Marie felt distantly that she should be moving, standing up, running, something.  But if the faerie girl was sexy lying in bed asleep, watching her actually fuck someone was as irresistible as gravity.  Marie could scarcely remember how to breathe.  Could only do *that* because the *scent* of her...

The faerie girl's eyes opened.  A delicate finger ever so lightly raised Marie's chin to look into those eyes, which was when Marie realized her face was nearly between the girl's breasts, somehow.  The scent of that skin...

"Marie, o dear sweetheart, I'd never dream of booting you from your bed.  I was hoping you would join me."

Marie was falling into those perfect eyes.

"My new toy has a tongue just for you, see?"  She reached down and tore Marie's panties away, pressed her hips down just so.

Marie closed her eyes as Trey's tongue found her clit.