Gently Bitten

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"Did you have a relaxing time at the beach, Karen?"

Karen stared blankly at the words on the screen for a moment before their full meaning registered on her.  Then, suddenly alarmed, she took the keyboard from her  roommate Tricia-- who was *already* in a trance-- to type a reply.  "What do you mean?"

"You're watching our chat session to make sure I don't take too much advantage of your roommate while she's so deeply hypnotized."

He wasn't supposed to know that.  "So?"

"A moment ago I described a trip to the beach to her.  Do you remember what that felt like for you?  The warm sun, the soft gentle breeze, the smell of the ocean, the soothing sound of the waves..."

Karen thought back to when he'd typed that before.

"Or were you watching Tricia's face, eyelids relaxing and getting heavier, starting to slip into trance.  She looks so peaceful when she's being hypnotized, doesn't she?"

"Yeah."  Karen looked over at her roommate now, eyes completely closed, relaxing more deeply with every breath, just like he'd told her to.

"Can you picture her there on the beach, as she's sitting next to you, soaking in the sun and relaxing deeper and deeper?"

"Yeah."  She could.  Tricia's head was back in the chair, just like she was sunning herself in a beach chair.

"What color bathing suit is she wearing?"

Karen pictured Tricia in the blue one-piece suit she'd worn to the pool the week before when they went swimming together.  She had exactly the right figure for it: it emphasized her curves and kept her generous breasts from spilling out everywhere.  She'd gotten a lot of admiring looks.  "Blue."

"And what color bathing suit are you wearing?"

Karen looked down and imagined herself in the red bikini she'd worn on the same trip to the pool.  It emphasized her somewhat smaller breasts to good advantage.  She'd felt a bit naked and vulnerable, but had enjoyed the attention the suit got her, too.  "Red."

"And can you feel how relaxing and warm the sun is?  It just makes everything soft and slow and heavy.  So heavy and deep."

"Yes"  Karen enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun all over her body, relaxing her into the chair, just like, just like Tricia...

"It feels so good to let that warmth slow everything down, doesn't it?"


"And just relax deeper and deeper into that feeling.  Sometimes fingers can type even better when you relax. When you let them type without thinking about what they're saying.  You know how that is, don't you?"

"Yes.  It feels good."

"That's right.  And relaxing even more now.  Do you see the guy Tricia's flirting with?  She's flirting with a cute guy who's come up to talk with her, do you see him?"

"Yes.  He's pretty hot!  He's wearing speedos. :)"

"Yes, very good!  And he's so into her.  You're maybe a little bit jealous of all the attention she's getting, aren't you?"

"Well, sure."

"And now he's talking to her in a very soothing voice, and she's listening very intently and nodding.  It seems like she doesn't even notice you anymore, doesn't notice anything except his voice and his words.  And his voice sounds *so* warm and sexy, so captivating, that you're listening closely too.  He's talking about how good it feels to relax, deeper and deeper, sinking down into the chair, arms and legs and hands and face and body growing soft, limp, loose, heavy.  He's hypnotizing her, and you've started to fall into a trance now too, haven't you?"


"Good girl.  He's telling her she's a good girl, and it feels so good when he calls her that.  Every time he says that to her, she'll feel very, very good.  And you can see how happy it makes her when he calls her a good girl.  Every time he says that, it feels a little like you want him to say it to you, doesn't it?"


"That's right.  Karen, you're being such a good chaperone.  I'm so glad you decided to watch our sessions. You're such a good roommate for Tricia.  Now will you touch her on the shoulder and tell her it's time for her to type?"


"Good girl."