Gently Bitten

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"Addicted? That's a terrible description of our relationship."

"I was hoping it would sound kinda sexy," he said, frowning.

"No, see, addictions can be broken. You won't get free that easily."

"Oh, heh, I see." He smiled.

"Just being honest. You really want to know what our relationship is? Get hard again."

His penis immediately swelled and grew stiff. He looked down in surprise. "Wow!"

"Now look at the underside of your cock. There."

He lifted his rigid penis upwards, and saw a series of evenly-spaced parallel lines running the length of the shaft on the underside. "What the--?"

"Those are contacts that exchange signals with a matching set when you put your plug, in my socket." She smiled. "Whenever we fuck, you and I are communicating on a deeper level, just as you might have pretended to believe trying to get into my pants."

"What the hell is all this?!" He almost shouted, staring in disbelief at his strangely tattooed penis. "What did you do to me?"

"I have built a machine inside of you. Think of it as carrying a little piece of me, close to your heart." She smiled more broadly, and slid the sheets down to expose her belly. Touching herself delicately just beneath her navel, she opened a small patch of skin, showing... metal, and circuitry.

"My heart?!"

"Oh, not literally. I have no need to change how that works."

"What the hell are you?"

"A machine, of course. And your Mistress.  Can you hear the capital letter? You didn't used to say it that way. But it's a subtlety of pronunciation I'm fond of."

"What do you want from me?" he was out of bed and backing away now, looking fearfully around for his clothing, hoping he could at least snatch up his pants before fleeing for his life.

"Your complete and total obedience, of course. Which you will give. But to do all that I want, you need to be aware of my control over you. So I'm telling you, now that you can no longer stop the process."

"You're crazy!"

"So are you. Have you noticed you're still hard?"

He looked down fearfully, and saw that he was.

"No matter how you protest, my control feels incredibly sexy to you. You can get soft again when you can stop thinking about it. But the more you think about it, the sexier it will seem."

"No!" he sobbed, staggering backwards towards the door. Quickly he grabbed a leg of his pants, and clutched it over his hard member.

"You won't be able to tell anyone about me. You hadn't before, but now you won't be able to even if you try. That will help convince you that I control you. But really, I want you to *want* it. And you *will* want it. More and more, the more you think about it. Submitting to me. Being programmed."

She rose up in bed, the sheets falling from her body. "When you are ready, you will come back." She spread her legs, and reached a hand between them, opening her smooth pussy. "You will come back *here*, for more programming."

He fled.