Gently Bitten

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"You only like me because I cast a Charm spell on you, you idiot!"

His face filled with shocked concern. "Were you worried you couldn't get someone otherwise? Oh, sweetie! It's certainly not true, but it would suck to think that! I'm really sorry!"

She stopped retrieving her clothing for a moment, taken aback. "It... what does it matter why I did it? Oh, you're just trying to find some reason not to hate me for it because you're Charmed."

"Well, the spell would incline me to think of your actions in the best possible light, sure. But I'm sure *you* think of them in the best possible light, too; so maybe it just makes me more understanding." He grinned. He'd still made no effort to dress.

"No, I don't. I think it was *wrong* what I did to you. And it bugs me that you think you're being all understanding because you're Charmed. You're not like this normally! Can't you just go ahead and snap out of it and hate me?"

"I'm not? You know, we haven't actually talked much before today..."

"I just did it because I wanted an easy lay, all right?"

"Now I *know* that's not true."

"How would you know? You're--"

"Charmed, not stupid. I can name three guys in my class besides me and *all* of the stableboys who have elaborately praised your virtues. By no means limited to, but definitely including, physical ones."

She blushed. Then busied herself in reattaching her bra, to try to hide the reaction.

"So if you *just* wanted an easy lay..."

"Well... Cerla said it would be easy to Charm you." She peered at him out of one eye as she found the clasps.

"Ahh, Cerla. She would know; she's Charmed me plenty of times. In the kitchen, and in the second floor great hallway closet, and in the hay loft, and..."

"So basically, you suck at resisting this spell." She picked up her shirt.

"Actually, it's a pretty easy spell to resist. And I have probably more experience with it than a lot of people. Sometimes I wonder if that practice is why the teachers don't crack down on it harder; although 'general indifference' is my actual front-running theory right now. Anyway I've had it cast on me a lot since getting here. Apparently I have a nice butt." He winked, and finally started gathering his clothes. Possibly to have an opportunity to bend over in front of her, she thought.

"You have an *awesome* butt. I've been thinking about it for weeks." She blushed again.

"Right back at you." He met her eye and she looked down.

"Wait, but... what do you mean it's an easy spell to resist? So why haven't you been?"

"Well, the alternative is getting laid in the kitchen, and the second floor great hallway closet, and the hayloft, and..."

"Okay, okay, I get it. Your way of picking up girls is to let them catch you."

"It sounds so crass when you put it that way."

"So not only am I such a loser I have to cast a Charm spell to get laid, but I also suck at Charm spells. *And* you were faking it!"

"No, no, you cast it just fine. I could have thrown it off, but I didn't. I've praised your virtues to my classmates too-- and not just the physical ones. I wasn't inclined to resist."

"Because not resisting got you sex." She buttoned the last button on her shirt and scowled at him, as he buckled on his pants.

"Sex can be a beautiful thing between a boy and a girl. Provided you're between the right boy and the right girl." He winked at her again. Still shirtless, damn him.

She snorted. "That's something I'd pay to see."

He eyed her with a strange, fey expression. "Really?" He eased the door open slightly, and put an eye to the crack, then turned back to her. "Wanna see what the spell looks like on someone who's trying to resist? Maybe." He winked again.

He peered through the crack again, muttering a few syllables she recognized; then he opened the storeroom door a bit further and stepped through, still wearing nothing but his trousers. "Hi Cerla," she heard from the hallway.

"Kirtan! *Hi*!" came the most enthusiastic and... sultry words Tamal, waiting in the storeroom, had ever heard in Cerla's voice.

"Remember how you said you'd never consider a threesome, Cerla?"

"Sure, but--"

"Do you think" *kiss* "you might consider" *kiss* "trying it *just* this *once*" *kiss* "*pretty* please," *kiss* "for me?"

A blushing and confused Cerla was ushered suddenly into the storeroom, coming face to face with Tamal, in the small room still smelling of sweat and sex. Both girls stared at each other, eyes widening.

Kirtan slipped in and closed the door again behind him.