Gently Bitten

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Idle Conversation

"I'm sure it would be fun to be sleeping with one of them.  I think I just don't *get* the whole fetish for controlling people, what it does for you.

If somebody doesn't really want you, or want to be doing what they're doing with you, where's the fun in being with them?"

"Oh, well, there's different kinds of wanting."  Lindy turned towards him as she spoke, and away from the distant cheerleaders they'd been ogling together.  "Like, suppose you're a hypnotist, a helpful, nice person, and my boyfriend comes to you and says 'Brad, I love Lindy and I love pleasing her and I know she'd love it if I went down on her more... and I have nothing intellectually against it, but I just have trouble bringing myself to do it.  When I think about being between Lindy's legs, and getting ready to lick her pussy, I just have this thing, and.. well, maybe you can help me want to go down on Lindy more?'  You'd do it, wouldn't you?"

Brad looked away from her for a long moment, then said "okay, but that's just therapy, right?  That's fixing a problem, something that's broken."

"All right."  Lindy was watching him carefully; he turned around, and she nodded.  She pretended not to notice his red face.  "So suppose instead my boy-toy comes to you and says 'Lindy's really into tying me up and ordering me around.  I love her and I love making her happy and I'm perfectly happy to let her do those things to me, I love how much it pleases her when I submit.  But I'm worried that on some level I'm just humoring her and that maybe it seems that way to her too and maybe that makes it less fun for her.  Can you make me *need* it?  Can you make me *ache* for Lindy's control?"

Brad swallowed, turning redder.  "Well, okay..."

"Okay, a little edgier example: suppose there's a boy who wants me so badly, but hasn't yet admitted it to himself. Then--"

"Um," said Brad, breaking in, "have you noticed how lately all our conversations seem to revolve around sex, and you, and submission?"

"Have they?  Huh.  Maybe those things have been on your mind."

"Maybe."  Brad was looking away again.  "I'd be *tempted* to wonder if you were trying to manipulate me into thinking about them."

Lindy looked innocent.  "Would I do something like that?"

Brad glanced at her sharply.  "YES.  You totally would.  I'm not actually accusing you, but it's absolutely something you would do."

Lindy looked even more innocent.  "I have no idea what you mean."

Brad snorted.  Then he paused, and reddened again.  "It's just... I figure if you were intending that, you'd just hypnotize me and be done with it."  He paused again, and in a smaller voice said "you could, you know. I'm kinda curious..."

"Oh, I did that already."

"What?"  Brad was searching her amused face intently, trying to figure out the joke.

"Last week.  You asked me to; said you were curious what it felt like.  I asked you some questions once you were under and you said you had a crush on me but didn't know how to approach me or what to make of the mind control kink.  So I gave you some things to think about, and told you to forget all about it consciously.  Since then, I've just been teasing you."

"Teasing me.  I... think I hate you right now."

"I know.  I also know you can't move your arms," she drew a finger down each of his arms, and they fell limp, "or your legs..." she did the same with his legs, "and now you're watching this finger very intently, aren't you?" She held her finger up in front of his eyes, which were locked on it.  "In a moment, when it touches your forehead, you'll fall allll the way back down into that deep, deep trance that you loved so much, and we'll talk a bit more about how you feel about submitting to me, now..."