Gently Bitten

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Lunch Money

"Is hypnotizing your officemates to pay for lunch really the best use of that skill?"


Jenny looked up quickly, surprised.  "You remember that?"

Rick's lips twisted in a half-exasperated smile.  "Yes I remember it."

"But you paid anyway..." Jenny watched him.

Rick looked down.  "It, um, felt like the right thing to do."

Jenny relaxed and put a note of approval into her voice.  "It *was* the right thing to do.  You must be *very* suggestible, to have taken that suggestion even though you didn't forget the trance.  Do you remember the spiral, Rick?"

"What?" he looked up, confused.  "Oh, the..." his eyes were a bit distant, looking to the side, as he remembered.

"The spiral," she said firmly.  She took out a piece of paper, and smoothly drew a big spiral on it with a pen.  His eyes locked on it, watching the movement of her hand.  "Do you remember where it goes?"

"It goes deeper," he said faintly, still staring at the page.

"That's right.  And it keeps going deeper, doesn't it?"

"Yes," he replied, even more quietly.

"With every breath, you can feel it just pulling you down.  If you try to resist, it pulls you down even faster, so you quickly stop struggling and drop so far and fast you can't remember anything but deep, deep trance, don't you?"


"Now in a moment, I'm going to ask you a few questions, Rick.  And you'll answer them as honestly and completely as you know how, because that's another way of being more open and going deeper, and that feels so good.  Are you ready to do that, Rick?"


"Good.  Rick, did you expect me to hypnotize you again when you asked me about hypnosis?"


"Why did you ask me about hypnosis, Rick?"

"Was...  it--"

"Answering my questions takes you deeper, and you'll find that makes it gradually easier to speak, Rick.  As you answer me, you'll find your lips and tongue start to move easily, and you can answer me even more easily every time."

"Thought... I.... I thought it was sexy."

"You thought that it was sexy when I hypnotized you."


"And you wanted me to do it again."

"... yes."

Jenny looked around the still-for-the-moment-empty office.  "Ok.  I have a spare key to Holly's office, and she's out of town.  Let's go in there and see what other uses my skill might have.  While remaining in a deep trance, it's time to open your eyes and stand up..."