Gently Bitten

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"I think what gets me the most is how fucking sweet it all is."

The young woman agitatedly worked at the buttons on the back of her elaborate white wedding dress, before giving a little cry of frustration and simply ripping it open, sending small white buttons flying everywhere.  "You!  I didn't say you could stop touching yourself."

"Yes, Jenny!" gasped the man on the bed, gazing adoringly at her.  He brought his left hand back to his rock-hard cock, which was already sticking straight up in the air, poking out from under the tail of his white dress shirt.  His left hand was tied to a post of the bed with her sheer white stockings; his black dress pants and boxers were strewn on the floor, and his feet were tied apart, each to a separate bedpost, by his white suspenders.

"Jenny... I like it when you say my name, but now that we're married maybe you should call me something different.  But 'Wife' is a bit too plain; men usually refer to their wives with terms of endearment, don't they?  But 'Honey,' or 'Sweetheart,' or 'Darling'... damn it, I actually like the idea of you calling me those.  Damn you.  What about 'Mistress'?  At least that gets the power relationship right, don't you think?"

"Yes... Mistress!" the man moaned.

"Of course you do.  So you're going to call me 'Mistress' every time you address me, and it will remind you every single time of all the love and obedience you have for me.  Except when someone else is around or can hear, you will use my name-- but you'll be *thinking* 'Mistress' even then, and you'll be *afraid* you'll accidentally say it, and even though you'll always actually use the correct word, that fear will turn you on *so* *much*.  Won't it, Honey?"

"Ohhh God.  Yes Mistress!" the man nearly hyperventilated.

"Now now, you remember no coming until I give you permission, right?  You have to... have to... damn it.  I need that cock inside me right *now*."  She gave up fiddling with the last ties of the dress and simply lifted the hem as she hopped up on the bed and straddled him, reaching down to slide his cock inside her with a firm settling of her hips. "Ohhhhhhhh god.  I would hate you extra for how much I need this, except it feels so good and I can't hate you and ohhhhhhh!  Ohhh god, kiss me, kiss me and say you'll be mine forever and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  She frantically leaned down to kiss him deeply before sitting back up and pumping a last few thrusts and then tightening her whole body, shuddering, as the man beneath her whispered "I'm yours forever, Mistress."

Slowly settling back from her orgasm, the woman still half-wearing her wedding dress looked down with sarcastic fondness at her husband.  Her hips twitched in a slow, casual rhythm.  "You're still ready, aren't you?  Making me come does it for you more than anything else, but you're always ready to come for me.  Mmmmmm...."  She twisted her hips, and he moaned.

"You didn't even know, when you went to the witch to have her cast a spell on our wedding rings, that I only wanted you for your money, did you?  That's what's so fucking unbearably sweet about the whole thing.  You were just head over heels for me, and filled with these romantic notions, and you just wanted to ensure that we would both love and desire and be loyal to each other forever.  And you had plenty of money to pay her price."

She started grinding her hips a bit faster, and he gasped inarticulately, staring helplessly into her eyes.  His free hand clutched blindly at the sheets.

"And that's why she laughed so very long and hard when I went to her and said I wanted our rings enchanted to make you always obey me.  'Love, Honor, and Obey,' she said, but she wouldn't tell me why that was so funny.  Now I know."

She leaned forward, while continuing to pump faster, delight in her eyes as she watched the pleasure wracking his body.  With one long fingernail, she began to trace a heart on his chest, digging in deep enough to raise welts.

"I'm going to hurt you *so* *much* for that.  But I'm going to make you like it.  Damn you.  Come, my Darling, come for me now!"  And with one last thrust, as he spasmed into her, she wrapped her lips around his in a deep, passionate kiss.