Gently Bitten

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Magic Wand

"You realize we were supposed to be enchanting *swords*."


"This seemed like more fun." They both stared at the short, blunt golden rod, sitting on one end atop the table like a round-topped pillar. "Anyway, it was way easier to bind a spirit to. Bloodlust only goes so far."

"Kind of short for a mace, though, isn't it?"

"A mace? Oh! Ha-ha! No, it isn't a mace. Hah! No." The dark-skinned elf smoothed her expression into blandness. "Though that enchantment to cause lingering pain, we learned that with maces, right? It uses something like that. But I was mostly inspired by the talk on magical swords that once drawn, needed to taste... blood."

"So it's very eager to do its job?" The taller, slightly lighter-skinned elf looked curious.

"Oh yes." Dekala once again suppressed a smirk. "Very. Try it; you'll see."

E'dra gently grasped the rod's base. A purple glow sprang up around the rod, and quickly enveloped its wielder's body. "Oh!"

"What do you think?" The shorter elf was smirking openly now, but the taller one was paying no attention.

"It definitely seems... eager." She waved the wand back and forth through the air. The glow grew slowly stronger. "Oh!"

"I figured if I was going to have to spend days in constant contact with an item in order to enchant it, I'd want something I could really get friendly with."

"Mmm-hm?" murmured the taller elf absently. She was gently caressing the tip of the wand. After a moment she began rubbing it against her face. "This feels really interesting." She began licking the tip, then slid it into her mouth and sucked on it experimentally.

"And with the final exam schedule I haven't been able to see any of my lovers in *days*. So I've been *very* friendly with this wand. And it turned out that spirits are often quite cooperative with the idea of being bound to a magic dildo."

"Dildo, is that what this is called? What's a dildo?" E'dra had opened the front of her dress and was rubbing the wand over the tops of her breasts, and starting to slide it down between. The purple glow was brighter now.

"Oh, I think you'll figure it out. And I think you'll figure out what it needs to taste, before it can be put down..."