Gently Bitten

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Overheard in the Lunch Room

"So then I was going down on her from the front while her girlfriend-- I guess she's her girlfriend-- fucked her from behind with a strapon."


"You *guess*?"

"I don't really know anything about either of them. I don't know where their apartment is, or how I keep getting to and from it. I can't even describe them! Just that one of them's brunette and one's a redhead, and that whenever the brunette tells me to do something, I *have* to do it."

"Gosh, going down on a hot chick sounds like a real hardship."

"It's not like I don't enjoy it. It's totally hot. I mean, it gets even hotter somehow when she says it, too-- whenever she tells me to do something, even something completely ordinary like 'take off your coat' or 'have a seat,' it feels so incredibly sexy to do what she tells me that I get hard just knowing I'm about to obey. But it also suddenly feels like the *only* thing I can do, you know? Like I can't even remember any other things that I might do. I don't feel like I have a choice."

"You, ah, seem to like that."

"Oh. Damn. Yeah, I'm getting hard just talking about it, because I keep remembering what it feels like to be there."

"To have her tell you to do something?"


"And to know you're going to obey?"

"Ohhh. God. Yeah. I... I'd keep thinking about it, afterwards, after... however it was I got home, when I remembered what had happened. I'd jack off like crazy thinking about it. They don't always let me come, when I'm with them. She asked me about that once-- if I thought about her when I jacked off. Of course after that I *always* did. And I... I *wanted* her to ask me again. Like I was *proud* of the fact that a casual offhand comment she'd made had completely dominated my fantasies. I wanted her to know."

"That sounds intense."

"Yeah. It... Yeah, it's pretty intense."

"And sexy?"

"Oh God yes."

"What's worrying you, then? You said you were worried."

"I'm worried about the fact that I'm *not* worried!"

"Uh... How's that?"

"I'm totally okay with the fact that these women can use me as a toy whenever they want, and I don't have a choice or even get to know where or when. It doesn't bother me at all!"

"Well, why should it? It sounds really hot, and it sounds like you enjoy them using you."

"Ohhhh. Yes, God yes. But I don't think it's actually *okay*. I think it's *wrong*, I just... can't seem to be upset about it. Like, whenever I try to get upset, all my emotion just sort of drains away. And when I think about how wrong it is, suddenly it starts to seem *sexy*, that they can do something so wrong to me and make me *like* it. And then I start wanting them to do it *again*..."

"That's good! You're responding very well."


"And though you won't remember my saying this, 'girlfriend' was correct. She's not really very into guys, but she was curious, and with one on the other end of such a strong power dynamic, she's finding it fun from time to time. And anyway, she *really* *really* likes doing as I say. Just like you do."

"Ohhhh God. Ohh shit, I *do*. Then *you*'re the--"

"Close your eyes, now. Three, two..."