Gently Bitten

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Play Party

"I'm feeling a little nervous about doing something with someone else in the room, though."


"Do you want to feel more private?"

"What do you mean? I mean, yeah, I guess so, sure."

"All right." She smiled, and sat up straighter. "All of you remember earlier in the evening, when we talked about relaxing, right? You remember what it felt like to relax for me."

Four heads nodded at her, four pairs of eyes attentive. She took a deep breath, watching them, and they all inhaled and exhaled with her. "Good. Now I'd like you to think back to that feeling again. Pick some part of your body where you felt that relaxation most pleasantly, and let that feeling spread out from there... spreading through your whole body, as you breathe... and listen to my voice... and relax even more deeply, now. Oh, very good, all of you. That's right, eyes closing again as you go deeper. And even deeper... there."

"Now as you keep breathing, so very much deeper, I'd like you to see in your mind's eye a movie theater, a large empty theater all around you, with plush, comfortable seats that you can just sink down in and feel so good and safe. You can hear the rich silence that absorbs little noises without an echo; you can smell the cloth of the seats and the wood of the building; you can feel the nubbly velvet of the seat cushions under you. And you can see the big, blank, white movie screen rising up in front of you."

"And on that screen is a picture; an image of you. The image looks exactly like you picture yourself right at this moment, and it's sitting in a comfortable movie-theater seat just like the ones in your theater. And standing in front of this person you're looking at is the world's most powerful, most irresistible hypnotist. You remember what she looks like from before, don't you?"

Four very slow, vague nods answered.

"And you remember that she has hypnotized the person you're watching before, so very deeply and completely. So that now her words are deep inside the mind, and that person has no choice anymore. She can put that person back in a trance just by snapping her fingers."


Four bodies sagged even further in their seats.

"And now you hear the voice of the world's most irresistible hypnotist talking to her deeply, profoundly hypnotized subject; and she says... yes, *very* good. You are so deeply hypnotized now. Listening only to my voice, and responding so perfectly. And now, you're going to turn your conscious mind completely off, so that only your subconscious mind is awake and listening and following my every instruction. Are you ready to do that? You see the head nod, and her hand comes up to give the signal. And now you see the figure turn towards you, and reach forward towards the edge of the screen. And you realize that that figure is reaching for the button to switch your conscious mind off. That figure is reaching forward to shut off the screen, when the hypnotist gives the command... now." *snap*

"And now, my deeply hypnotized toy, I'm going to play with your mind some more. It feels so good when I call you my toy, doesn't it? It feels so good when I tell you something about yourself and you realize it's true; and you're not sure whether it was something that was always true that I understood you completely enough to make you realize, or whether my saying it changed you and made it true-- but both ideas are very sexy, aren't they? So now I'm going to tell you some more exciting things about you."

"In a moment, I'm going to snap my fingers, and you will believe you are awake. You are in a room with your lover, and you will feel like you're watching a hot, sexy porn video together. You see another couple, and you are fascinated by the things they're doing together. It makes you so hot to watch them, that you can only tear your eyes away from watching them to do the things to your lover that they make you want to do right away. It's so sexy to touch and suck and lick and fuck while watching this other couple, your private porn video. It makes you feel so safe and uninhibited to watch this special, private show."

"You might feel me touch you, my toy, and my touch always feels right, and you can let it remind you that you're my toy, that you always eagerly welcome anything I choose to do to you, even while you can't quite keep it in your head that I'm there at all, can't quite remember that I was touching you, when you're done moving however you know you need to to give me better access to any part of your body I choose to play with. It feels so good to let me play with you while you forget I'm there and just concentrate on how sexy it is to watch this hot, hot porn video with your sweetheart."

"And now, you're ready to open your eyes, believing you're awake, now." *snap*