Gently Bitten

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Previous Experience

"Your resume looks good, Miss Smith, but I'm not sure why you're applying to a financial services firm instead of a... a biochemistry laboratory or the like; something more suited to your research background. Also, under 'Other Interests,' you've listed 'Mind Control.' Is that some sort of joke?"


"That's the original copy of my resume that I handed in, isn't it? You didn't make copies?" The young woman leaned forward, looking earnestly at her interviewer.

"Well, yes, I mean no, I didn't make any copies. It says 'Do Not Photocopy' here across the top. Actually, that's also rather odd--"

"-- that I wrote that, or that you followed what it said?" She grinned slightly.

The man across the desk from her blinked. "Well, both actually. We generally make copies to distribute--"

"Well, I'm *very* glad you didn't." She smiled conspiratorially. "That paper is pretty special. *Extremely* fancy resume paper. Did you notice the very faint perfume?"

"Uh, no, and I don't think that's--"

"Go ahead and take a sniff. Put your nose to the paper and breathe really deep and see if you can smell it."

Still looking confusedly and a bit skeptically at her, the banker lifted her resume to his face and sniffed deeply. After a moment he smiled a bit. "Oh, well, that is nice."

"Isn't it? I really like that scent. And I particularly like the things it's going to do to you. But the chemicals absorb even better through the tongue than through the skin or nose. Take the whole thing in your mouth now-- just wad up that first page and chew it up into a ball and suck on it, ok?"

"Ok!" he said, still smiling vaguely, and stuffed the page into his mouth.

She stood up, walked over to the door of his office, and locked it. Then she walked back to her chair, reached up underneath her skirt, and started sliding her hose down. "And after you've chewed it up a bit, I want you to spit it out and crawl to me under that desk of yours, and I'll tell you about mind control. And why you're going to hire me. And what else to do with your mouth."