Gently Bitten

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"Why would you want to do it again? You didn't even remember what happened, last time!"


"I remember it was really, really fun. And I felt *fantastic* the next day," Bill had winked at his friend Holly, when she tried to talk him out of coming to this party with Janey, and dosing again with her new favorite drug, what she called "O." Bill and Holly had been flirting casually for half a year, though they hadn't had time to pursue things more seriously yet; and Bill thought she was a little jealous of his new friend Janey, who he suspected had a thing for him. He thought of her as just a good friend... but she did know people who threw really good parties.

Now as he sat and waited for the drug to take effect, he felt the first touches of the light, floaty feeling it gave, like his head was emptying out and his whole body might just blow away on the breeze.

"You're coming on, aren't you?" Janey asked approvingly, slinking over to him from across the room.

"Mmmmm.... Mm-hmm..." he answered dreamily.

Janey sat down in his lap, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a deep, sensual kiss that seemed to last forever. When their lips parted, the drug was fully affecting him and he felt made of air, of vacuum.

"Now I want you to forget what happens tonight, sweetie, just like last time; all you'll remember is that it was really, really fun and you want to do it again as soon as possible. Ok?"

"Ok..." he breathed.

"Good boy. In a minute, I'm going to give you some more instructions, and you're going to obey them, aren't you?"


"I love this drug," Janey purred, and kissed him again.