Gently Bitten

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Research Project

"Omigod, it really *is* a sex toy!"


Lisa hadn't intended to go poking around in her roommate's research project, but her laptop was having some sort of network problems and when she borrowed her roommate's machine she happened to notice the not-so-secretively labelled "Magic Wand" folder.

Sharon was taking a graduate-level psychobiology class and had built a device that was supposed to stimulate the "reward center" of the brain without poking electrodes into the skull-- some sort of electromagnetic gadget. She'd been very excited when she read the paper describing it-- because, she said, this meant it could be used on human subjects. No surgery, no wires, no blood, just a funky headset with a lot of cables leading from it to the computer on their shared desk. She wasn't allowed to actually use it on human subjects yet-- there was some sort of approval process-- but she'd built one already anyway. "It ought to be the best sex-toy ever!" she'd told Lisa with a wink.

But Lisa had assumed she was joking. Anyway, as Sharon had explained, stimulating the reward center wasn't *necessarily* pleasurable. Just compelling. Subjects with actual electrodes in their brains reported feeling motivated to push buttons again and again that controlled stimulation of the area; but not all reported enjoying it particularly. So it might only be a good sextoy for some subset of people. Or people who were turned on by the idea of a machine controlling their behavior. And it would probably be less intense than direct stimulation by an electrode in the brain, anyway.

But apparently Sharon thought it *might* work. Or maybe it worked on Sharon?

Lisa was looking forward to seeing what sorts of things got her roommate off.

Unfortunately, the answer seemed a bit elusive. The program in the folder was clearly meant to activate the headset (Lisa slipped it on, and felt a slight vibration from it, but didn't feel anything else). And, it played selections of video porn; but they seemed to span a wide range of tastes. Either this was a sort of generic testing program-- a proof of concept, as it were-- or her roommate's tastes were *very* broad.

Either way, she was *definitely* kinkier than Lisa had given her credit for. Lisa trailed her fingers idly between her legs as she started the program. Sharon wouldn't be back until late in the evening, and this was definitely worth missing a class for.

The test program, or whatever it was, showed short samples of various different porn videos side by side, and allowed the user to press a button to see more of a particular one. Since the program didn't give any real direction, Lisa selected a few shots of particularly tasty young men stripping and doing extremely naughty things for her viewing pleasure. Jilling off illicitly to her roommate's secret porn collection was an incredible thrill, and though the clips were nothing too amazing watching them was hotter than porn usually seemed to her; but each clip was frustratingly short. It would just start to get really hot and then... back to the random samples. Her right hand, now firmly inside her jeans, kept stopping and starting as one clip ended and she waited to choose the next.

Choosing each new one was a sort of pleasure of its own, though. As the program went on, the sorts of porn she preferred seemed to crop up more frequently, as if it were learning her tastes and selecting for them. Her pants and underwear now bunched around her knees, leaving her bare bottom cool against the smooth, now slightly damp varnished wood of the dormroom chair, she started to have to choose between multiple hot guys moaning for her, alongside the women with toys and groups with ropes and stocks and whips and... was that Sharon?

Now that was too hot for words. Her studious, if mischievous, roommate starring in her own apparently homemade smut. Filmed in this room! It looked like something she'd recorded on a webcam for her boyfriend some night when Lisa was out. Sharon was sitting in this very chair, wearing sexy lingerie and fingering herself. Hot!

But too soon over. The next choice didn't offer any more clips of Sharon, but Lisa picked another clip of a woman masturbating, in hopes of leading the algorithm to show her more of her roomie's private side in the future. Actually this woman was pretty sexy too.

And it worked! This time it was Sharon with a bullwhip, looking predatory through half-closed eyes as she pleasured herself with the handle and stroked the tail. Wow. Definitely kinkier than she'd known. The next menu, no Sharon, so she picked another woman with a whip, now also seeming pretty hot all by itself. Was this how Sharon's fantasies ran?

Then... was that Sharon and her boyfriend Jeff? Both of them on the bed here in this room, Jeff blindfolded and tied down and Sharon lowering herself onto his stiff cock. Oh god yes. But just last weekend when he was here and they'd all gotten drunk together Jeff had said he'd never done anything like that-- when had Sharon made this? Was it edited?

Then Sharon in some sort of... dungeon... wearing a catsuit and again with a whip, but she could definitely see artifacts in the image, this was Sharon's face pasted on somebody else's body. Somebody totally sexy and dominant.

Then Sharon directing Jeff, naked, with the research-project headset on his head, to run through some sort of maze. This was definitely edited, and *weird*, but still weirdly sexy. Lisa guessed the point was that Sharon was making Jeff into her test subject-- training him, molding him, teaching him to do her bidding. She slid another finger inside herself, so *very* close now.

Sharon pushing Jeff's head down between her legs. Sharon standing over the camera, completely in control, her pussy coming closer. Sharon purring, "Good boy."

Lisa came, hard, long, jerking the headset off as she threw her head back and bruising the insides of her calves where she was squeezing the chair. It took a few minutes to remember to reach weakly up to the keyboard and shut off the program.

Well that was an odd, shamefully hot look into her roommate's fantasies. She'd have to never, ever tell Sharon she'd found that program. After her legs started to feel strong enough to stand on, she poured herself two tall glasses of water from the pitcher in their little dormroom fridge, and downed one after the other.

The illicitness did make it really sexy, though, even watching Sharon. Lisa had never been especially into women before, but she had to admit her roomate was pretty compelling in those clips. She'd never been particularly into whips or bondage, either, but... She licked her lips.

Did the machine actually do anything, though? It didn't seem to at first, but she'd gotten way more turned on than she expected from just looking at videos. And that *was* an unusually good cum. Really really good.

Really *really* good...

Maybe one more try and she'd be able to tell. Lisa sat down at the computer again, now naked from the waist down, and slipped the headset back on.